TechTarget News - Week of Jun 05, 2011

Service providers battle to reduce carbon footprint as datacentres expand

IT service providers are united in their attempt to reduce carbon footprints on paper, with corporate targets to support them, but despite putting a lot of energy into the cause, their power consumption is rising, according to a major benchmarking study.

Outsourcing in the Ukraine: benefits and drawbacks

The Ukraine offers highly skilled IT specialists at a low cost for companies looking to develop projects within Europe. But while the honesty of its people appears to be a key selling point, problems of corruption and the possibility of social unrest remain.

UK government to propose national website blocking list

The UK government is considering setting up a national blocking list of violent and unlawful websites in plans to tackle radicalisation to be unveiled by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Tablet growth in the enterprise ready to erupt

IT pros are planning on significant tablet growth as part of their IT strategy, according to our reader survey. But will tablets ever replace laptops and desktops?

Plan International moves global systems to SAP

International child welfare charity Plan International is rolling out SAP globally and in doing so is embarking on its first ever major application outsourcing project.

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