TechTarget News - Week of Jul 24, 2011

IT industry salaries rise 7.5% in 2011

Salaries for IT professionals have risen by 7.5% to reach an average wage of over £46,000 in 2011...

Businesses should prepare for Web 3.0, says Booz&Co

The next generation of web technology will transform the way businesses work within five to ten years, research by management consulting firm Booz&Co predicts.

UK confirms international cyber rules conference

UK foreign secretary William Hague has confirmed that the government is to host an international conference on cyberspace in London on 1 and 2 November 2011.

How to improve storage resources utilisation

Storage hardware vendors’ upgrade offers are leading many mainframe users to buy storage they don’t need, which sends operational expenses through the roof because storage resources’ utilisation rates are low, says an expert.

NetApp trials University alliance to tackle skills shortage

NetApp will try to introduce certifications in its products to the curricula of nine Australian universities, to address a shortage of people skilled in operating its products.

Tips and advice on making an information governance council work

A dedicated information governance council can work, but analysts warn that without proper leadership and decision-making authority, it can fail to drive true business information governance efforts.

Starting from scratch - the SMB CIO

The role of CIO is usually associated with large companies with lots of technology and several IT staff. But that's not always the case.

Government axes 376 more websites

The government has axed nearly half of its websites since June last year, following recommendations that all digital public services should be under one URL.

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