TechTarget News - Week of Sep 11, 2011

HP refunds Touchpad owners

Anyone who purchased an HP Touchpad prior to the price crash can now obtain a refund. Users who purchased the 16Gb version will be eligible for a refund...

Windows 8: Microsoft hibernates the operating system for faster boot-up

This week developers get a chance to try out Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft's desktop operating system. Windows 8 offers a new graphical user interface using tiles rather than the start menu, which is optimised for touch.

Openreach expands fibre to 114 more exchanges

BT Openreach has unveiled 114 exchanges that will be upgraded to deliver fibre broadband as part of its plan to deliver fibre to two-thirds of the UK by the end of 2015.

Sabre develops apps marketplace for travel industry

Sabre, the global distribution system for reserving hotels, airlines, cruise ships, rail tickets and car hire, has taken the concept of the app store and applied in to its own travel market.

Cyber attacks are becoming lethal, warns US cyber commander

Cyber attacks are escalating from large-scale theft and disruption of computer operations to more lethal attacks that destroy systems and physical equipment, according to the head of the US Cyber Command.

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