TechTarget News - Week of Oct 02, 2016

TalkTalk overhauls broadband packages to challenge rivals

Internet service provider TalkTalk throws down the gauntlet to its rivals by making a number of changes to its packages that it claims will put customers' interests first

Network Rail hires Jeremy Vincent as CIO

Jeremy Vincent takes on the role of CIO at Network Rail after former CIO Susan Cooklin was appointed as route services director earlier in 2016

Mirai IoT botnet code release raises fears of surge in DDoS attacks

Organisations with an online presence should prepare for terabit-class IoT botnet-based DDoS attacks that could knock almost any business offline or disable chunks of the internet, warn security experts

Mastercard rolls out selfie payments in UK

Financial services provider Mastercard announces its cardholders in the UK will be able to use a selfie as authentication to pay for goods

Look to over-the-top services to secure mobile, says specialist

Mobile network operators should look to 3G and 4G while enterprises should consider OTT services to provide the best security, says telecommunications industry veteran and pioneer Charles Brookson

Home IoT technology irrelevant to most home owners

Smart home technology, such as security systems and IoT-enabled thermostats, is overpriced and uninteresting to most home owners, says Beecham Research report

SMEs are the Achilles heel for Asean security

Small to medium-sized enterprises in the Asean region will be gateways to large enterprises for cyber criminals unless they improve their security

Predictive lead scoring among new Sales Cloud features

Einstein offers sales reps insight to smarter lead scores, but users wonder how deep the predictive capabilities of Salesforce's newest feature will go.

TalkTalk hit by record £400,000 fine over data breach

The Information Commissioner’s Office issues its largest ever data protection fine after more than 150,000 customers had their data exposed by TalkTalk breach

Sky and TalkTalk make final case to separate BT and Openreach

The Ofcom consultation on the future relationship between BT and Openreach has ended, and a number of broadband stakeholders have been putting their views across

Adtran brings US community broadband framework to Europe

Broadband equipment supplier Adtran launches its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives programme in Europe to support the EC’s gigabit ambitions

NSA contractor arrest for spying underlines insider threat

Malicious insiders are still one of the biggest threats and a popular means of data theft, according to famous spy catcher Eric O'Neill and other security industry experts

Poor IoT security could take down power grid, warns researcher

A security researcher who has exposed a series of vulnerabilities in IoT devices says he is concerned about systemic attacks that could take down parts of the internet or national power grids

Collaborative tool Quip furthers Salesforce integration

Pinterest used Quip to enhance collaboration between different departments in order to create new video advertising for its popular social media application.

London police charge third member of ATM hacking gang

London police arrest and charge a third man suspected of being involved in a series of ATM thefts across the UK in 2014 using malware to bypass security controls

Digital-only Atom banks is open to public

Following an invite-only launch and some fine-tuning, digital-only Atom bank is now fully open in the UK

Security industry failing users, says behaviour expert

The information security community is failing to educate users in a way that helps then understand cyber threats and change their behaviour, according to consultant Jessica Barker

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