TechTarget News - Week of Mar 19, 2017

Robot tax not feasible for Australia

Data61 CEO Adrian Turner says Australia needs to reskill workers rather than implement a robot tax

Seven in 10 APAC retailers to invest in IoT

Besides riding on the internet of things bandwagon, retailers are also looking to provide seamless customer experiences across physical and online channels

Kaminario looks forward to NVMf, but not this year

All-flash maker Kaminario plans to add NVMe drives, but only when it can replace existing fabric protocols with NVMf and a full stack of advanced storage features

Storage fails the business as data balloons, survey finds

Lack of agility and failure of storage to keep pace with the business and data growth are major concerns to UK businesses that see data volumes increase by 27% a year

HPE 3PAR all-flash target allows persistent containers

HPE 3PAR flash container reference architecture bundles Mesosphere orchestration software with ProLiant blades, 10 GB SAN FlexFabric and StoreServ 8200 arrays.

Three fails to stop second data leak

Mobile operator Three should have done a thorough review and upgrade of security after its previous security breach to avoid another incident just months later, say security commentators

IBM Cloud Object Storage gains cold vault tier

IBM enhances its cloud object storage based on Cleversafe technology with flexible pricing and a long-term, three-tiered cold vault object store for inactive data.

FBI investigating Trump campaign ties to Russia, DNC breach

FBI Director James Comey confirmed the bureau is investigating the Trump campaign's ties to the Russian government and election cyberattacks such as the DNC breach.

Intel Optane SSD starts shipping to select customers

New Intel Optane SSDs based on long-awaited 3D XPoint technology ship to early customers, promising up to eight times the performance over NAND flash-based NVMe PCIe SSDs.

WikiLeaks' disclosure of CIA hacks comes with requirements

WikiLeaks reportedly made demands of vendors at risk from the Vault 7 CIA hacks, but without knowing what the requirements are, experts are unsure how to react.

Team collaboration apps headline Enterprise Connect 2017

Slack, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Teams and other team collaboration apps are tweaking traditional UC systems. Plus, Amazon and Google enter the fray as potential players.

HTTPS interception, middlebox models under fire

HTTPS interception in security products and services may be reducing security rather than improving it, according to US-CERT, which puts middleboxes in a precarious position.

Scottish Government launches digital strategy

Scotland vows to boost technology jobs, invest in skills, provide universal access to superfast broadband and improve infrastructure

DV certificates abused, but policing may not be possible

Research shows DV certificates can be a prime target for phishing and malware operators, but experts are unsure how certificate authorities should deal with the issue.

FBI director reiterates call for action on encryption

The world is wasting time in resolving the conflict between privacy and public safety, and should consider an international framework on encrypted data access, says FBI director James Comey

ISPs to pay automatic compensation for broadband faults

Telecoms regulator Ofcom says its plan, which would cover slow repairs and missed appointments, could see consumers in line for a payout of up to £185m every year

UK impersonation fraud up 39% in last quarter of 2016

Just ahead of the end of the UK tax year, a survey underlines the importance of guarding against business email compromise aimed at stealing data and money

Encryption debate needs to be nuanced, FBI's Comey says

FBI Director James Comey brought the encryption debate back to the forefront by asking for a 'nuanced and thoughtful' conversation on the topic before there is a serious attack.

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