TechTarget News - Week of Apr 02, 2017

Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.2 boosts performance, containers

Red Hat's latest Gluster storage update improves performance, deepens container support and introduces space-saving alternative to three-way replication to ensure data integrity.

Dell EMC XtremIO adds speed to Red Sox IT lineup

A Dell EMC all-flash array knocks a home run for the Boston Red Sox organization, improving management and analytics of ever accumulating data, and speeding performance.

Chinese hacking group targeted firms through IT MSPs

Security researchers have uncovered a China-based cyber espionage campaign that targeted IT services firms and their customers, underlining the need for supply chain security

IT pros share API deployment challenges, offer insights

Communications APIs promise quick and easy deployments, but this new technology has its challenges. Three IT professionals share their API deployment experiences.

Microsemi upgrades controllers based on HPE technology

Semiconductor maker Microsemi unveils SmartROC 3100 and SmartIOC 2100 SAS and SATA technology gained in the PMC-Sierra acquisition. The chipset is used to build custom server boards.

Flash, hybrid RealStor added to Seagate storage arrays

Hybrid and all-flash Seagate RealStor arrays are sold to original equipment makers to build branded storage systems. The all-flash pricing is pegged at less than $50,000.

Datrium DVX adds converged turnkey option

Datrium plans to release a major update adding key enterprise storage features such as snapshots and replication and a new 'open converged' Rackscale turnkey system option.

Pegasus malware expands from iOS to Android

One of the more malicious iOS threats -- Pegasus malware -- has made its way to Android devices and it has some dangerous new tricks in its arsenal.

New subsea cable to connect Australia and Southeast Asia

The Indigo submarine cable will provide additional capacity to mitigate disruptions caused by fibre cuts, as well as meet the growing demand for internet services in the region

Telenor launches IoT pilot in Norway

Telenor is opening up its IoT infrastructure in Norway to encourage students and entrepreneurs to develop IoT products and services

Public/private threat intelligence sharing faces roadblocks

The U.S. government says it wants to improve threat intelligence sharing between the public and private sectors, but experts are unsure that is possible in the current climate.

MEPs call for European Commission to reassess Privacy Shield

European parliamentarians have called for an immediate review of the Privacy Shield EU-US data transfer framework due to concerns about privacy protections being undermined in the US

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