TechTarget News - Week of Jun 11, 2017

Pure Storage CEO assesses NVMe, flash storage market

In the run-up to Pure Accelerate, CEO Scott Dietzen assesses the trajectory of the NVMe flash market, vendor consolidation and how customers are using Pure's FlashArray.

Q&A: Cyber attribution matters, RSA GM Peter Tran says

RSA's GM Peter Tran sheds light on the value of cyber attribution, explains why the 'how' and 'why' of an attack may be more important than finding who did it.

MapR Technologies launches enterprise file storage product

MapR expands beyond analytics into the enterprise storage market with an exabyte-scale data store designed to manage files and containers in data centers and across clouds.

Pure Storage flash array lines bulk up software

Purity 5 software for Pure Storage FlashArray adds active-active multisite replication and portable snapshots. Pure FlashBlade clusters now scale to 75 blades and five chassis.

IBM collaboration portfolio boosted by XCC acquisition

Analysts discuss IBM strengthening Connections by acquiring an intranet platform, Mitel's IoT and collaboration application, and the growing need for cloud-based security services.

Palo Alto Networks set to drive new era in security innovation

Palo Alto Networks announces a cloud-based application framework the company claims will enable its security platform to disrupt and change the security industry completely within a decade

British Airways to outsource contact centre work

British Airways is evaluating technologies from an outsourcing company as an option to replace contact centre staff

Symantec CA remediation plan faces more delays

The battle over Symantec CA operations continues as the antivirus vendor pushes back against a consensus remediation proposal from the web browser community.

More Windows XP fixes in June Patch Tuesday release

Microsoft's June 2017 Patch Tuesday saw another set of Windows XP fixes released in order to secure systems against leaked NSA cyberweapons.

DDN IME flash cache, SFA operating system get updates

DataDirect Networks focused on performance and resilience in updates to its Infinite Memory Engine flash cache and Storage Fusion Architecture operating system.

Users get sneak peek at Pure, Cisco NVMe storage fabric

Pure Storage and Cisco Systems showcase NVM Express over Fabrics storage based on FlashArray//X all-flash and Cisco next-gen NVMe fabric protocol at Accelerate conference.

10 ways to prevent breaches and minimise impact

Attackers are continually adapting to security technologies to fly under the radar, but taking action in 10 key areas can reduce the risk of breaches and minimise their impact, according to a resilience expert

Australia’s decryption plan seen as untenable

Experts say efforts to get technology and social media firms to cooperate with the authorities in decrypting communications will be hard to achieve

Greggs bakes in business change programme with SAP

UK baker and food-to-go retailer says it has significantly advanced its business change programme with a full panoply of SAP software

Hidden Cobra hackers target U.S. with DeltaCharlie malware

News roundup: DeltaCharlie malware is a threat to the U.S., according to a US-CERT warning about Hidden Cobra. Plus, a DVR flaw could create a bigger botnet than Mirai, and more.

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