TechTarget News - Week of Sep 24, 2017

Veritas to invest more in APAC

Software company Veritas is upping its investments in India and Japan, and partnering with more local and specialised cloud providers in the region

Amazon launches Middle East region

Amazon opens its latest delivery hub in Bahrain to serve customers in the Middle East

Connected bees create a buzz at Manchester startup hub

Cisco and Manchester Science Partnerships have opened a new startup incubator in the city to foster innovation in the Northern Powerhouse, and the humble honeybee is taking centre stage

Oracle releases Java 9, Java EE 8

Oracle released the long-awaited Java 9, along with Java EE 8 -- each with key improvements to simplify the development process using the language, including modularity in Java 9.

UK cyber defences among the best in Europe

The UK is among the European countries that are most prepared for cyber attack, but there is room for improvement by all, a report has revealed

Deloitte breach underlines need for better authentication

A breach of Deloitte’s email system, which may have exposed client details, emphasises the need for two-factor authentication and the monitoring of systems administrators

Red Hat opens innovation lab in Singapore

Besides getting a taste of Red Hat’s open culture, APAC organisations can develop applications to solve business problems through a residency programme at the new lab

Australians need to develop digital competencies

With nearly 40% of jobs expected to be automated, Australians need to develop additional skills to take on roles like robot teachers and empathy trainers

Mac OS passwords at risk of theft, researcher warns

Some Apple Mac users are at risk of password theft due to a zero-day vulnerability discovered in some versions of the operating system

Tech sector advisory network expands to Spain

The 5,000-strong Global Tech Advocates network of IT industry experts that supports technology companies is expanding its service to Spain

Tegile says NVMe bottleneck is in the network

Tegile's chief technology officer says the NVMe roadmap is all in place, but the key bottleneck is in the network and the applications, not its controllers. They’re ready to scale out into clusters for NVMe

Skills shortage tops Security Serious agenda

Tackling the shortage of cyber security skills tops the agenda for the Security Serious Week, an industry initiative aimed at helping organisations become more security savvy

Equifax breach claims another scalp

The CEO of Equifax has stepped down – the third executive to leave the company after it disclosed a massive data breach

Global hacker botnet tops 6 million hijacked devices

A year after the first Mirai botnet attacks, the global botnet has grown, with many countries and cities unwittingly hosting large number of bot-infected devices

SDN an essential component of future public sector networks

Public sector organisations need to adopt software-defined networking to deliver more agile and resilient networks that bring fit-for-purposes services to users and citizens

Ransomware attackers using more sophisticated techniques

At the (ISC)2 Security Congress, infosec professionals warned of sophisticated ransomware attackers that are using more advanced techniques to encrypt entire networks.

RHB Bank rolls out chatbot for loan applications

The Malaysian lender hopes to improve the loan application experience and grow its personal loan business by 60% through a new chatbot

Coming to grips with managed security services

Outsourcing IT security to a third party can improve an organisation’s cyber security posture, but in-house capabilities, such as drawing up security blueprints and strategies, should still be retained

Cyber Security Challenge UK launches charitable foundation

Cyber Security Challenge UK is setting up charitable foundation to boost accessibility and diversity in cyber security, with an emphasis on supporting those from a disadvantaged background

Large scale IoT deployments double in 12 months

Vodafone’s fifth annual look at the IoT market reveals that the percentage of companies with more than 50,000 connected devices has effectively doubled in the past year

Cyber security should be data-based, says NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre has begun several initiatives in its first year and hopes to use data drawn from those to drive better cyber security practices

Deloitte hack compromised sensitive emails, client data

News roundup: During the Deloitte hack, attackers had access to client data and internal email servers. Plus, the U.S. asks China not to enforce its Cybersecurity Law, and more.

Government data requests on the rise for Apple and Google

One expert is concerned about the large increase of government data requests received by Apple and the effects this surveillance activity has on user privacy.

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