TechTarget News - Week of Oct 22, 2017

Microservices are about organisational change

Microservices technology can pave the way for companies to decentralise the way they build software to deliver innovation and reduce the cost of failure

Nearly 200 arrested for airline ticketing fraud

Police have arrested nearly 200 people for airline ticketing fraud in an international operation involving public and private sector organisations

Scottish Water extends ServiceNow following HR success

Having pioneered optimising the joiners and leavers process, the IT service management team at Scottish Water can now show other areas of the business the benefits of ServiceNow

Channel firms benefit from Docker MTA strategy

The Modernize Traditional Applications program, unveiled at DockerCon 2017, is seeing traction among customers interested in adopting container technology, Docker partners said.

To buy or build IT infrastructure focus of ONUG 2017 panel

During ONUG's fall conference, panelists debated whether to buy or build IT infrastructure. Company IT execs say the final decision depends on a company's culture and talent.

DHS' Dragonfly ICS campaign alert isn't enough, experts say

The Department of Homeland Security released an alert confirming the Dragonfly ICS cyberattack campaign, but experts said more action is needed to protect critical infrastructure.

Apple DEP faces new device provisioning competition

The Apple Device Enrollment Program is well-established, and now, Microsoft and Google have their own zero-touch device provisioning services for Android and Windows.

NSA cyberweapons report follows Kaspersky transparency plan

A Kaspersky transparency initiative and a full code review of its products are on the way, and a new Kaspersky statement explained how NSA cyberweapons were uploaded to its servers.

Kaspersky Lab explains how NSA data was uploaded

Malware detection triggered an upload of data from a National Security Agency contractor’s home computer, Kaspersky Lab says an internal investigation has revealed

Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks planned long ago

The new Bad Rabbit ransomware spread through Russia and Ukraine, drawing comparisons to NotPetya, and researchers say the attacks were planned for a long time.

Getting to know serverless computing architecture

Bloggers explore the dynamics of serverless computing architecture, efficacy and efficiency with endpoint security and use cases for bidirectional forwarding detection

DUHK attack puts random number generators at risk

News roundup: Researchers find DUHK attacks can get around encrypted communications. Plus, FBI Director Wray criticizes mobile device encryption, and more.

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