TechTarget News - Week of Nov 26, 2017

UK only average in terms of digital public services

UK government has the innovation skills to become a digital public services leader, but needs to improve the ID and authentication that sits underneath it to reach this goal

Moscow to build on its smart city credentials

Moscow ranks in the world’s top 10 smart cities, but is keen to develop more technologies to boost its growing status

Norway’s print media responds to digital threats

Subscription-based models are among the tactics being deployed by Norway’s print media organisations as they react to the digital threat to their traditional income streams

Focus on innovation and AI in government Industrial Strategy

The government’s Industrial Strategy whitepaper aims to make the UK the “the most innovative nation by 2030” and commits to investing further £275m in Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

Australian IT landscape maturing amid budget cuts

Australia has matured in its use of technology in 2017, but more investment is needed for it to continue its good run and to combat cyber threats

Fintech is increasing operational risk to banks

European Banking Association report reveals fear of greater operational risk because of increased take-up of fintech in financial services sector

TfL forges ahead with 4G for the Tube after successful test

Having built a pilot 4G network for ESN on the Waterloo & City Line during the summer, TfL is pressing ahead with plans to roll out mobile broadband for all London Underground users

Data breach an opportunity to build trust

In the light of the high number of data breaches, organisations should embrace the inevitable and ensure they can build better trust if they are breached, an information security professional advises

Cracking genomic codes with the cloud

Australian researchers are using Amazon’s Lambda serverless computing service to solve pressing health problems

IT problems cost UK companies £6.9bn in lost labour

IT issues and the time it takes to fix them is costing UK companies billions of pounds due to employees not being able to work

DCMS to spearhead review of UK telecoms sector

The government is to embark on a landmark review of the UK’s telecoms markets to investigate how it can better support investment in future connectivity

Mobile operators face profitability squeeze in 2018

Mobile operators will struggle to balance the twin challenges of rapidly declining revenues and rapidly growing demand for mobile investment, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit

Consumer identity management a growing trend

Consumer identity and access management is a growing trend, but system choice is still challenging, according to KuppingerCole

Uber breach affected 2.7 million Britons

Last year’s data breach, which saw the details of 57 million accounts compromised, affected about 2.7 million accounts in the UK

Top IT predictions in APAC in 2018

A “mega cloud” that weaves together multiple private and public clouds, along with the use of AI to perform data-driven “thinking tasks”, could emerge next year

CCS extends G-Cloud 9 until May 2019

The government has extended G-Cloud 9 for up to 12 months, meaning the next iteration of the framework is unlikely to go live before May 2019

Transport researchers get 2PB of Scality object storage

Transport Systems Catapult retires ageing NetApp filers with 2PB of Scality object storage in a £1.5m project that future proofs the organisation with built-in DR

Lauri Love could face jail in detention centre condemned by US judges

Appeal court hears conditions in Metropolitan Detention Centre, where alleged hacker Lauri Love is likely to be sent if extradited to the US, described by US judges as 'unconscionably bad', and that Love would be at 'real risk'

NSA data leak exposed Army INSCOM project information

Yet another publicly accessible cloud storage bucket exposed government data; this time it was an NSA data leak which included information on an Army intelligence project.

Qumulo File Fabric fuses on-prem, cloud storage for studio

Qumulo's File Fabric gives FuseFX ability to burst workloads into Amazon Web Services, giving it a virtual fourth location for file storage for its special effects rendering.

Datrium DVX adds cloud option for Amazon Web Services

Startup Datrium is readying a new Cloud DVX option for Amazon Web Services to provide customers with an off-site option for backup and disaster recovery.

Aporeto app security uncoupled from network infrastructure

Aporeto app security startup has introduced security software that achieves scale by decoupling application security from the network infrastructure of a hybrid cloud environment.

Bosma Enterprises may resell assistive technology

Bosma deployed an indoor navigation system for its blind and visually impaired employees. Now the organization may resell the BlindSquare Event system to external customers.

Third-party E911 services expand call management tools

In UC news, organizations are deploying third-party E911 services for additional call management capabilities, while Genesys announces a chatbot integration with Amazon.

Australia testing robots to track spent nuclear fuel

International teams at a robotics competition in Australia have developed robots that prevent spent nuclear fuel from falling into the wrong hands

Businesses bracing for GDPR data deletion requests

Businesses are concerned that data deletion requests under the GDPR will have a significant or even crippling effect, with many unprepared to meet the expected demand

EE in drive to improve ‘time on 4G’ for mobile users

Mobile operator EE launches another phase of its long-running Clear on Coverage campaign, with a pledge to increase network coverage using data to show how long its customers spend on 4G

‘Sound policy’ to prosecute hackers in UK, says former DPP in Love case

The former director of public prosecutions (DPP), Ken Macdonald, said in written evidence in Lauri Love’s extradition case that it is normal practice to prosecute hackers accused of attacking US servers in the UK – rather than extradite them to the US

Yahoo data breach hacker pleads guilty to cybercrime charges

One of the Yahoo data breach hackers pleaded guilty to his involvement in the attack. Plus, the FBI failed to notify U.S. officials that they were targets of Fancy Bear, and more.

Leaked NSA Ragtime files hint at spying on U.S. citizens

Exposed data included new information on the NSA Ragtime intelligence-gathering program, but it is unclear if the evidence proves Americans were targeted.

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