TechTarget News - Week of Dec 17, 2017

How machine learning is applied in industrial IoT

GE Digital calls for the need to build industrial machine learning systems that are cognizant of the effects of a good and bad answer

Top 10 storage and backup stories of 2017

In Computer Weekly’s top 10 storage stories of 2017, we tracked key trends such as the continued rise of hyper-converged infrastructure, the emergence of NVMe flash and object storage

Top 10 broadband stories of 2017

Here are Computer Weekly's top 10 broadband stories from 2017

Top 10 cloud stories of 2017

Here are Computer Weekly’s top 10 cloud stories of 2017

Top 10 business applications stories of 2017

Indirect licensing of SAP software was the big story, with SAP’s victory over Diageo in the High Court proving a tinderbox. AI, machine learning and blockchain oscillated between hype and reality

Departmental plans focus on skills and innovation

Government departments have published their single departmental plans, highlighting the need for innovation, skills and digital – and the requirements of Brexit

Australia’s breaks IT silos

E-commerce company used to run separate systems across different business functions, but has implemented an SAP system to streamline operations

Top 10 NVMe flash storage stories of 2017

NVMe promises to unleash flash storage to previously unheard-of performance. In this top 10 Computer Weekly NVMe flash stories of 2017, we track this rapidly emerging technology

Top 10 PC stories of 2017

It has been a good year for the PC business, which is starting to show signs of growth. From an end-user perspective, 2017 is also the year of new user interfaces

Top 10 developer stories of 2017

As organisations ramp up their digital strategies, they are also building more applications, leading to demand for developer skills

Nordic states innovate to attract global tech players

The Nordic region is already a hotbed for tech startups and has the ingredients to attract more investment from the established tech giants

Government publishes 5G strategy update

Update highlights the need for greater infrastructure sharing, tests the water for further 5G pilots and reveals the winning bid for the 5G Innovation Network

Kaspersky Lab appeals US ban

Russian security software giant appeals US government's decision to ban the use of its products in federal agencies

Top DevOps vendors promise faster releases with fewer bugs

What's the hottest software development trend? If the number of top DevOps vendors taking up space on conference hall floors is an indication, it would have to be merging Dev and Ops.

Toshiba, HPE head 2017 storage acquisitions

Storage acquisitions in 2017 included Hewlett Packard Enterprise's buys of SimpliVity and Nimble Storage, and Toshiba's move to sell off its memory business.

North Korea behind WannaCry attacks, White House says

The White House officially said North Korea was behind the WannaCry attacks, and it credited Facebook and Microsoft for work in attribution. But it left questions unanswered.

Top 10 enterprise IT in the Middle East stories in 2017

Countries in the Middle East are putting digital transformation high on their priority lists and are already leaders in areas such as smart city development

Top 10 datacentre stories of 2017

Over the course of 2017, we saw hyperscale cloud giants continuing to invest in their UK presence, as well as Apple’s ongoing planning permission delays in Ireland and the disruption caused by the datacentre downtime from British Airways

Government rejects BT's offer and makes broadband USO legal right

The government announces it will make high speed broadband a legal right, thereby rejecting BT’s offer to deliver the 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation broadband service across the UK on a voluntary basis

Half of Defra’s Brexit work streams involve IT, NAO finds

NAO calls on Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to ensure proper planning as half of its Brexit projects, many of which are still in “discovery phases”, involve IT

Fourth industrial revolution AI scepticism rife at Lords committee

In the final session of its enquiry into artificial intelligence and the UK economy, a House of Lords select committee played host to scepticism about the so-called fourth industrial revolution

White House WannaCry attribution leaves unanswered questions

The White House's WannaCry attribution included the broad strokes, experts say, but the case avoided some key pieces of information, such as the role of the NSA in the attacks.

Top 10 networking stories of 2017

A look back at Computer Weekly’s most read networking stories of 2017

Top 10 ASEAN stories of 2017

ASEAN countries have been forerunners in driving digital transformation through various smart city initiatives and industry transformation roadmaps

Top 10 financial services IT stories in 2017

Financial services continue to lead the way in IT spending, but what were the main trends in 2017?

Top 10 IT careers and skills stories of 2017

As the year draws to a close, Computer Weekly looks at developments in the technology careers and skills sector in 2017

Top 10 retail IT stories in 2017

Computer Weekly looks back at how emerging technologies began to creep into the retail space in 2017, bringing innovations such as artificial intelligence, voice-powered shopping and social media to the fore

UC trends revealed in top news stories of 2017

Take a look at the top UC news stories that affected the industry in 2017 -- from the growth in the team collaboration market to vendor mergers and acquisitions.

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