TechTarget News - Week of Aug 05, 2018

The rise of humanoid robotics in the Middle East

Middle East CIOs are planning to roll out intelligent automation technologies such as artificial intelligence and humanoid robotics

Alibaba Cloud makes deeper inroads into Malaysia

The Chinese cloud supplier’s second availability zone and upcoming DDoS scrubbing centre in Malaysia comes on the heels of growing investments in the Southeast Asian nation

Half of UK consumers to exercise GDPR rights within a year

More than half of UK consumers will exercise their General Data Protection Regulation rights within a year and almost two-thirds will retract or review data use because of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, a study shows

Highlands and Islands broadband roll-out extended

The Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband roll-out is targeting 25,000 additional homes and businesses in the Highlands and Islands region

Mobile banking Trojans reach all-time high

Mobile banking Trojans topped the list of cyber threats in the second quarter of the year, according to research by Kaspersky Lab

Enterprise IT struggles with DevOps for mainframe

Mainframe automation tools are nascent, and many mainframe experts are reluctant to embrace DevOps. But large enterprises must address legacy platforms to realize app delivery goals.

New Nakivo update supports more platforms

Light on new functions, Nakivo's new update focuses on playing nicely with others, adding software support for VMware vSphere 6.7, Netgear ReadyNAS and Dell EMC Data Domain Boost.

Quest launches QoreStor for appliance-free dedupe

Quest strips the data deduplication software out of DR appliances, launching it as the independent QoreStor application, which supports any vendor's backup hardware.

BGP hijacking attacks target payment systems

Researchers discovered a wave of BGP hijacking attacks aimed at DNS servers related to payment-processing systems in an apparent effort to steal money from unsuspecting users.

Industrial control systems a specialised cyber target

Cyber attackers specialising in industrial control systems are fast, efficient and able to move between IT and OT environments, a study has revealed

Arista settles patent dispute with Cisco

Cisco gets $400m from rival, but experts say it still has some way to go to build a cloud networking strategy as complete as Arista’s

AI security hype putting businesses at risk

The hype around artificial intelligence may be putting businesses at risk, according to a study that found most IT decision-makers believe AI is the answer to all cyber security challenges

IT must prepare for an IoT-enabled digital workplace

Smart lighting, intelligent speakers and screen-mirroring are among the technologies that are moving from the home into the office – and all have an impact on IT

Government invests £3m in Wales-based Stem hub

A science centre in Wales will be given £3m to develop a Stem hub, which will reach more diverse audiences for its delivery of science and technology teaching content

Bank opts for AI-infused data storage platform over cloud

A storage vendor that bills itself as a software company is baking AI management into its all-flash arrays. Read why IT execs like Dan King sees the innovation as a game changer.

Newisys NVMe flash array chases hyperscale market

Sanmina-owned Newisys is known as a white-label server OEM to array vendors. The NSS-2560 NVMe flash provides storage density with hot-pluggable SSDs and Intel Broadwell servers.

InsightSquared unveils marketing analytics tools

At Ramp 2018, marketing technology vendor InsightSquared unveiled new software modules for gauging the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.

Cyber security double agents most common in the UK

Cyber security professionals who alternate between criminal and legitimate activities or move full-time into cyber criminal activity are more common in the UK than other countries, a report reveals

Check Point warns of WhatsApp vulnerabilities

Researchers are warning of vulnerabilities in WhatsApp that allow threat actors to intercept and manipulate messages sent in a group chat

Liam Maxwell to swap government for AWS

Government tech adviser Liam Maxwell is understood to be leaving government for a role at Amazon Web Services

Western Digital OpenFlex composes storage infrastructure

Western Digital delivers OpenFlex architecture, an ambitious attempt to foster open standards for composable compute, network and storage as an alternative to hyper-convergence.

Confluent Platform 5.0 aims to mainstream Kafka streaming

Confluent Platform updates seek to bring data streaming with Apache Kafka to a wider audience. A new GUI and user-defined functions are part of the 5.0 release.

How API-based integration dissolves SaaS connectivity limits

Oracle's vice president of integration, Vikas Anand, explains how SaaS app silos occur, drivers for API integration adoption and how DevOps can avoid integration project obstacles.

Arista, Cisco agree to stop patent suits for five years

The Arista-Cisco agreement includes Arista paying $400 million to end their patent infringement dispute. The companies also agreed to a lawsuit moratorium on existing products.

Cisco Viptela integrated with IOS XE on ISR, ASR

Companies unhappy with iWAN on ISR can switch to Cisco Viptela. The networking company has integrated the Viptela SD-WAN with IOS XE, the ISR network operating system.

Recruiting platforms see large VC investments

VC dollars continue to flow to recruiting platforms, all of which approach the hiring problem in different ways. Their methods illustrate the difficulty of finding candidates.

Incomplete visibility a top security failing

Incomplete visibility of IT environments is among the most common basic enterprise security failings, as most organisations are still failing to achieve basic cyber security hygiene, a survey reveals

Government sets out vision for better use of rail data

The government and the rail industry have developed a joint action plan to remove barriers to better data use by improving access to data, developing better standards, increasing skills and encouraging collaboration

Smart cities a tempting target for cyber attackers

Smart cities are an attractive target for cyber attackers because of the growing number of connected systems embedded throughout their infrastructure

UK above average on strategic use of analytics

The UK has slightly more chief data officers than the global average, which helps drive strategic initiatives – but security is still seen as a major hurdle

ICO fines Emma’s Diary £140,000

The UK’s privacy watchdog has fined a marketing company for illegally collecting and selling personal information for political campaigning

Under half of firms use vulnerability assessments

Less than half of organisations base their cyber defences on strategic vulnerability assessments, and a third of these do the bare minimum to meet compliance requirements, a study shows

Facebook targets WhatsApp business messaging at large enterprises

WhatsApp business messaging is the latest social channel to enter the contact center, coming on the heels of Apple's beta release of the consumer-to-business iOS messaging service Apple Business Chat.

News roundup: Manage employee resource groups and more

A new tool from Espresa could help improve employee engagement. Reach remote workers with a new version of StaffConnect. And Fitbit looks at health coaching.

Irregularities discovered in WinVote voting machines

At Black Hat 2018, security researcher Carsten Schuermann unveiled the results of a forensic analysis of eight WinVote voting machines that had been used in Virginia elections.

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Summer holidays might be in full swing but that does not stop the channel appointments coming thick and fast

NCR patches ATM vulnerabilities

NCR has patched ATM vulnerabilities discovered by Positive Technologies

OCSL becomes Cancom's UK hub

The German firm is looking to reassert itself in the UK and the acquisition of OCSL provides it with a hub to push further into the market

Atos sets out vision for a digital Scotland

Scotland has the potential to create a competitive advantage in the global economy through digital technologies, and could even become a cloud datacentre hub, according to Atos

Butlin’s warns of potential personal data breach

Holiday camp chain blames cyber breach on a phishing attack, implying that attackers were able to steal user credentials to access customer data – and underlining the need for security awareness training

CrowdStrike Falcon platform gains more partners

CrowdStrike has added categories to its partner program, including MSSP partners and platform partners that build apps using data from CrowdStrike Falcon; more news from the week.

Mimecast extends core email security to enable cyber resilience

Mimecast continues to widen its cyber security capability through in-house development and strategic acquisition, as well as extend its core email security technologies to all other areas it applies

IBM Power9 servers add reliability, reduce maintenance costs

IBM looks to grab high-end hardware market share from archrival Intel with the introduction of two Power9 servers that offer greater uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates add AI features to CRM

Microsoft has introduced new updates to its Dynamics 365 CRM platform, including AI-driven business intelligence tools for sales, marketing and service.

AIOps platforms delve deeper into root cause analysis

AIOps tools offer fresh insights into the root cause of IT incidents, triangulating between application outages, code changes and infrastructure issues.

WhatsApp vulnerabilities let hackers alter messages

News roundup: New WhatsApp vulnerabilities enabled hackers to alter messages sent in the app. Plus, the PGA was hit with a ransomware attack, and more.

Avaya earnings show cloud, recurring revenue growth

The latest Avaya earnings report shows the company is increasing cloud sales and hitting revenue targets, even as it continues to operate at a loss.

2018 Pwnie Awards cast light and shade on infosec winners

The Meltdown and Spectre research teams won big at the Pwnie Awards this year at Black Hat, while the late-entry Bitfi Wallet team overwhelmingly won for Lamest Vendor Response.

Mist Systems gives VMware NSX SD-WAN a boost

Arista Networks and VMware are focusing on Wi-Fi to bolster products for the wireless LAN. Wi-Fi vendor Mist is strengthening VMware's NSX SD-WAN and Arista has acquired Mojo.

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