TechTarget News - Week of May 31, 2020

How managed threat hunting helps bust malicious insiders

Managed threat hunting services can help take some of the pressure off security operations centres and help ensure potential breaches don’t escalate into something far worse. We explore one such case with a happy ending

Inside India: The world’s IT powerhouse

The Covid-19 pandemic is turning out to be a big fork in the road for many companies. But what about the industry that keeps the lights on for them?

UK-Ireland frictionless border tech far from ready, EU Select Committee finds

The government has promised a frictionless UK-Ireland border, but currently technology only has the capacity to mitigate rather than eliminate friction, and the government’s technical advisory group on the border seems to be on hiatus

GSMA, O-RAN team to open up 5G networks

Collaboration aims to accelerate an ‘industry-wide consensus’ on the adoption of open, interoperable interfaces and radio access network virtualisation

Former Sage boss becomes chairman of Tech Nation

After five years as chair of Tech Nation, Eileen Burbidge has stepped down. Replacing her is Stephen Kelly, who says he wants to support the next generation of tech scaleups

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Some fresh names for the channel to add to their contacts books as there is more personnel movement across the industry

5 ways COVID-19 changed the data storage market

The global pandemic accelerated some shifts in the data storage market and brought about new trends that storage CEOs predict will stick around for the long term.

New HP hardware directed at remote work

HP hardware releases are centered on 'micro mobility' around the home, enabling remote employees to be productive in spaces not designed for work.

Enterprises planning future with 5G and Wi-Fi 6

Deloitte study shows advanced wireless technologies increasingly seen as a ‘force multiplier’ for emerging technologies including AI, IoT, cloud and edge computing

How to succeed at site reliability engineering

Adoption of site reliability engineering is growing in Asia-Pacific, but organisations need to have the right organisational structure and culture to succeed

Digital transformation held back by lack of skilled people

Veeam survey finds digital transformation a hot topic, but 44% of firms are held back by skills shortages. Meanwhile, the cost of downtime is found to be $67,651 per hour for the most important apps

Hull supercomputer helps fight Covid-19

University’s Viper supercomputer team join forces with Sheffield-based HPC specialist in global distributed computing project focused on the coronavirus

Covid-19 pandemic accelerates work on NHS App

The coronavirus health crisis has sped up work to integrate online consultations in the NHS App, exceeding roll-out targets and driving uptake

Pegasystems debuts Pega Process Fabric CX integration tools

Pegasystems makes a play to be a 'platform of platforms' with Pega Process Fabric, which orchestrates processes between applications in mixed-vendor CX tech stacks.

Partner programme launches continue to stack up

Not only are those running vendor channel teams busy supporting current partners, but some have found the time and focus to devise fresh channel programmes

Chef software broadens scope amid IT automation disruption

Chef seeks a new niche as IT automation shifts toward Kubernetes and cloud-native tools, but IT pros have many options, with some more appealing than Chef in high-scale scenarios.

Snowflake expands cloud data warehouse capabilities

Snowflake is building out its platform with new integrations to enable users to more easily connect to different data sources, including Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

VMware vulnerability enables takeover of cloud infrastructure

A new vulnerability in VMware Cloud Director allowed any user to obtain control of any virtual machine on a public or private cloud, according to ethical hacking firm Citadelo.

Atlassian takes on DevOps pipeline tools integration

Pre-built hooks between Atlassian DevOps tools are in demand among IT teams that must manage an overwhelming number of cross-functional projects and vendor products.

ChefConf 2020 cites partner role in digital transformation

Executives speaking at ChefConf cited the role of partners in guiding customers through the sometimes difficult digital transformation journey. Chef also unveiled new tools.

How Australia’s Shockbyte scales with cloud

Australian game server provider Shockbyte uses bare metal servers on the cloud to meet the needs of demanding gaming applications and to grow its global footprint

Ransomware data protection grows in increasingly WFH world

As COVID-19 increased the number of people working remotely, experts have found that more businesses move to bolster their backup for protection against ransomware attacks.

Cloudian gets analytical with HyperIQ

Cloudian's new HyperIQ tool aims to provide deeper insight into object storage to help manage installations that can run into petabytes and span locations.

AWS Marketplace update eases SaaS contract changes

Customers who buy software from ISVs through AWS Marketplace now have an easier way to update contract terms during the span of an existing agreement. The feature should help customers manage contract sprawl, analysts say.

Cisco DNA Center's new features may mean more user headaches

Cisco continues to add features to DNA Center to centralize more network control within the software. But as the product grows more complex, users struggle to deploy it.

Malaysian minister backtracks on spectrum allocation decision

Amid reports of a surreptitious decision to allocate spectrum to five Malaysian operators, the communications minister rescinds his own order, calling for a more transparent review of the allocation process

Covid-19 drives Zoom boom in first quarter of 2020

Now ubiquitous conference software firm Zoom cashes in as coronavirus spurs higher demand for distributed, face-to-face interactions and collaboration

Outlook for 5G remains positive despite Covid-19

While the current health crisis and economic uncertainty will have a short-term impact on adoption of the next-gen network, analyst insists future for 5G remains bright with more than a billion global 5G connections by 2022

Data privacy groups pile in on UK contact-tracing app

UK-based digital privacy and free speech campaigning organisation files complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office about contact-tracing app

Remote work boosts productivity

Remote work will deliver major changes to the workplace and to the economy, Upwork's chief economist Adam Ozimek says in an interview.

Dutch organisations invest heavily in compliance – but in vain

Despite the fact that companies in the Netherlands have invested heavily to comply with GDPR legislation introduced two years ago, 90% of them are still discovering fundamental weaknesses in their IT environment

Attacks on Exim vulnerability continue one year later

Though the Exim mail transfer agent vulnerability was publicly disclosed in June 2019, a significant number of unpatched versions remain online and are at risk of attacks.

Microsoft fuels 'developer velocity' with Azure, new tools

Microsoft is pushing the theme of 'developer velocity,' or how coders can quickly transform an idea into viable business software. Experts vary on how new the concept really is.

Remote work cybersecurity a concern during pandemic

Recent surveys by NordVPN and Kaspersky found that more than 60% of employees use personal devices as they work from home due to the coronavirus -- which creates cybersecurity issues.

Why GovTech is building its own robotics stack

Singapore’s Government Technology Agency has developed a robotics technology stack that will power robots using capabilities from commercial suppliers and the open source community

WANdisco, Azure do data migration dance

WANdisco has deepened its Microsoft partnership, integrating LiveData as a native service in Azure. Customers can access LiveData through Azure Portal for backup and other uses.

New Quest Kace products make UEM easier for IT admins

With the latest Quest Kace UEM updates, IT pros can now better control Chromebooks and manage Apple TVs. Experts say managing a variety of devices is critical for a remote workforce.

Chinese, Iranian hackers targeted Trump and Biden campaigns

Shane Huntley, director of Google's Threat Analysis Group, announced that two state-backed APT groups targeted campaign staff for both Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Third of UK internet users report worse service since lockdown

Even though operators assured at beginning of lockdowns that their infrastructures could cope with the extra strain on home networks, UK internet users say the quality of their online experiences has demonstrably worsened

Gigster data suggests gig economy methods can benefit SIs

A study of project data from the Gigster gig economy platform highlighted emerging trends in IT staffing, which could have implications for systems integrators; more channel news.

Users waiting for Cisco to expand Webex waiting rooms

Users are pushing Cisco to catch up to Zoom on features. The latest example: Webex's lack of support for waiting rooms in scheduled meetings.

3 ServiceNow partner initiatives fuel $10B ambition

New ServiceNow partner initiatives include the launch of an online marketplace, a Now platform integration program and additional implementation support.

New ServiceNow workflows extend into more markets

ServiceNow continues to direct its workflows toward vertical markets with new offerings for telecommunications, financial services and healthcare markets.

SAP: Partners are the key to customer success

SAP focused on helping partners deliver customer success during the SAP Global Partner Summit Online, which introduced new programs to help ISVs and implementation partners.

Global smartphone sales took sizable hit in Q1

The first quarter of 2020 brought a 20% decline in global smartphone sales. Analysts cited weak demand and pandemic-related disruptions as reasons for the drop.

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