TechTarget News - Week of May 29, 2022

Analysts weigh in on Broadcom-VMware deal

VMware customers in APAC will need to assess their exposure amid uncertainty over the impact of the mega deal on the market

Omnispace Spark-2 puts global satellite mobile 5G into orbit

Completion of initial phase of space-based comms programme designed to advance delivery of the first global, mobile network with direct-to-device connectivity from satellite constellation

More than 5,000 UK public buildings plugged into high-speed broadband

Some 1,200 schools, 340 libraries and 50 hospitals across UK now connected to gigabit speed broadband as Project Gigabit contracts worth more than £500m open for bids to upgrade up to 380,000 rural premises

FTTP coverage grows across UK

Latest bi-monthly update on superfast and ultrafast broadband deployments in the UK shows that as of April 2022, despite acceleration in overall full-fibre roll-out, take up of fibre-to-the-premises is still sluggish

Singapore doubles down on quantum technology

The city-state is shoring up its quantum talent and quantum device manufacturing capabilities in a bid to advance its knowhow in the emerging technology

UK fibre roll-out continues apace with majors, altnets

CityFibre, Connexin, MS3 Network and Air Broadband announce further digital infrastructure investment, taking full-fibre gigabit connectivity to Buckinghamshire and North and East Yorkshire

Eutelsat, Telenor set sail on maritime connectivity deal

Reflecting the buoyancy of the maritime connectivity market in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, French and Nordic providers showcase combination of in-orbit resources and managed connectivity services

How Pfizer is leveraging technology in healthcare

Pfizer uses predictive modelling to recruit patients for clinical trials and supercomputers to identity candidate molecules that go into antiviral drugs, among other technology use cases

Coterie launches channel marketing community

Partner marketing agency looks to share best practice and trumpet the role of those running marketing campaigns across the industry

Hackers ransom 1,200 exposed Elasticsearch databases

An extensive extortion operation didn't need exploits or vulnerabilities to take over more than 1,200 Elasticsearch databases and demand bitcoin payments, according to Secureworks.

SAP exec: Begin to prepare a sustainability strategy now

In this Q&A, SAP's Jim Sullivan discusses why sustainability has become an issue that companies need to take seriously, taking into account more regulation and consumer attitudes.

Microsoft updates Teams for manufacturing

Microsoft aims to make Teams more appealing to manufacturers with a new app, expanded walkie-talkie features and integration with scheduling software.

VMware launches 'threat intelligence cloud' Contexa

The Contexa threat intelligence service is integrated into all VMware security products and will be available to all new and existing customers at no additional cost.

Indian stock exchange taps data analytics

The National Stock Exchange of India is tapping data analytics to speed up and improve regulatory decision making

Project Volterra could encourage switch to Arm-based PCs

Project Volterra, due out later this year, is an Arm-based PC geared up for AI development. The energy-efficient, faster device might enable Microsoft to catch up with Apple.

Conti ransomware group targeted Intel firmware tools

A pair of Intel firmware management platforms were targeted by the notorious Conti ransomware group to create new attack techniques, according to Eclypsium researchers.

Kubernetes multi-cluster users tap service mesh alternatives

Istio service mesh is back in the spotlight since joining the CNCF, but the foundation's existing projects are preferred by IT pros focused on multi-cluster Kubernetes resiliency.

Mirantis Lens extension debuts on Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop adds a Mirantis Lens extension as another option for developers who want an easier way to work with Kubernetes.

How digital twins can improve datacentre operations

Singapore’s Red Dot Analytics has built an AI-powered digital twin platform that lets datacentre operators simulate their operations to manage their carbon footprint and energy consumption, among other uses

Data connectivity key to insight discovery

With the economy in near constant flux over the past two years, connecting data points to fuel analytics has enabled many organizations to act and react as they need to.

Critical Atlassian Confluence flaw exploited in the wild

No patch is currently available for the critical Atlassian bug, which affects Confluence Server and Data Center products, though one is expected by end of day Friday.

Elon Musk signals the risk remote work faces

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's decision this week to end remote work at the automaker may be an early indication of what's to come during an economic downturn.

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