TechTarget News - Week of Sep 18, 2022

How Mondelez is driving change with tech

From empowering citizen developers to deploying drones to monitor the health of cocoa trees, Mondelez has been firing on all cylinders to disrupt the old ways of doing things

Quiet quitting energized by employee fearlessness

The still-strong job market may be the fuel that keeps quiet quitting alive. Employee fear over job loss has been replaced by an overconfidence in finding a new one.

Rockstar Games confirms hack after 'Grand Theft Auto' leak

A threat actor this weekend published in-development footage from a forthcoming 'Grand Theft Auto' video game and claimed to have breached its publisher, Rockstar Games.

Dell Apex joins with OpenShift, deepens VMware uncertainty

Dell jumps on the Red Hat OpenShift bandwagon with its Apex container management products, intensifying uncertainty about the future of VMware Tanzu under Broadcom.

Uber says Lapsus$ hackers behind network breach

Uber said a hacker from the Lapsus$ group used stolen credentials from a contractor to gain access to several important silos within its internal network.

India ramps up on AI amid talent and scalability challenges

Indian organisations are speeding up deployments of AI across multiple sectors, but legacy systems, siloed data and a shortage of AI-specific talent will stand in the way of greater adoption

More automation, embedded analytics part of Tableau plans

New capabilities scheduled for release as part of the vendor's final two platform updates in 2022 are designed to speed the ability to reach insights and take actions.

Tableau unveils integration with Salesforce Genie

The combination is designed to enable joint customers of the analytics vendor and CRM giant to more easily connect to their customer data and surface insights.

Salesforce Genie integrates automation, CDP, AI features

Salesforce Genie delivers a suite of automation, analytics and customer data tools the company claims is one of its biggest innovations over its 20-plus year history.

Reports Uber and Rockstar incidents work of same attacker

Rockstar Games was hit over the weekend by an attacker who claimed to have accessed its Slack channel to steal data on an upcoming release, and may be the same person who compromised Uber

IHG attackers phished employee to deploy destructive wiper

A couple from Vietnam who claim to be behind a destructive wiper cyber attack on hotel operator IHG told the BBC how they orchestrated their operation

Nvidia unveils Omniverse Cloud for metaverse applications

The new service lets enterprises build metaverse applications. The vendor also introduced new large language model services and unveiled upgrades to its H100 hardware line.

Imply advances Apache Druid real-time analytics database

The database vendor is continuing its effort to evolve the Apache Druid database, developing new capabilities to help users more easily load and transform data.

Slack Canvas helps tame information overload in chat

Slack chat can bury vital knowledge under a flood of new messages. The company said its Canvas tool will let workers pull out, save and collaborate on specific material.

ANZ organisations using antiquated backup and recovery systems

Nearly half of ANZ organisations are still using backup and recovery systems from over a decade ago, hampering their ability to protect their data assets and recover from ransomware attacks

Tech Data signs up with Pure Storage

Distributor talks of building a wider solution with the addition of the vendor’s portfolio, and will be looking to grow the partner base for the firm

Cobalt Strike gets emergency patch

The developer of Cobalt Strike issued an out-of-band security update to address a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the popular penetration testing suite.

ServiceNow Now Platform 'Tokyo' delivers AI, automation

ServiceNow doubled down on its commitment to take the complexity out of digital transformation projects with a new version of its ServiceNow platform sporting new AI capabilities.

Bytes updates on ‘positive’ H1

Channel player Bytes joins growing list of firms that have reported a decent first half, with hopes of that continuing over the rest of the year

NCSC publishes cyber guidance for retailers

The NCSC has published tailored advice to support online retailers, hospitality providers and utility services in protecting themselves and their customers from cyber crime

Jigsaw24 launches Apple support service

Jigsaw24 looks to help Windows specialists cover all the bases with a service that will ensure they match levels of support across a wider range of devices

SAP's push for HR technology to support 'whole self'

In this Q&A, SuccessFactors' Meg Bear discusses the evolution of the workforce and how SAP's human experience management platform and vision for a whole-self model fit in.

Harness CTO: Where shift left goes wrong

In this Q&A, Harness' field CTO Nick Durkin shares his thoughts on the impossible burden that shift left places on developers and what can be done to lessen the load.

Salesforce customers react as details about Genie emerge

Salesforce grows up by connecting all its clouds to one data platform. The hard part will be demonstrating value behind the investments it will require.

Cybercriminals launching more MFA bypass attacks

New research from Okta shows that cybercrime groups have stepped up their attacks on multifactor authentication systems in an effort to thwart account security measures.

Dr Martens goes feetfirst into cloud-to-cloud backup

Iconic bootmaker laces up for a strategy to move all applications to the cloud, beginning with cloud-to-cloud backup for Microsoft 365 apps plus on-site VMware operations

ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware family becoming more dangerous

Researchers from Symantec share fresh insight into the ongoing development of the ransomware-as-a-service family known variously as ALPHV, BlackCat and Noberus

Nutanix enhances Elevate programme

Vendor looks to improve profitability and ease sales processes with a number of improvements to its partner programme

Sisense adds trio of new embedded analytics capabilities

A new integration with Git, a multi-tenant environment and enhancements to the Extense Framework are designed to further the embedded BI capabilities of the vendor's platform.

Google launches trio of new tools for its data cloud

The data management and analytics tools, including new data sharing and data lake platforms, are designed to let users access more data at lower expense.

New Everbridge CEO takes over at critical time

New Everbridge CEO David Wagner details his areas of focus for the company. Investor Ancora has suggested that a private equity firm should acquire Everbridge.

Domino Data Lab partnerships target AI project management

The vendor has integrated its Nexus MLOps platform with Nvidia GPU architecture and the NetApp data management and storage system to help organizations better deploy ML projects.

Commvault Metallic tricks ransomware to protect data

Commvault's new ThreatWise deception technology in its Metallic SaaS application tricks ransomware into triggering the alarms that alert security of a breach.

How Great Eastern is transforming its IT organisation

Singapore-based insurer Great Eastern made painstaking efforts to rid itself of legacy systems and transformed its IT organisation to become nimbler by building up its cloud and DevOps capabilities

It was 40 years ago today

Happy Birthday MicroScope! As the publication turns 40, we look back on where it began and what was making the headlines back in 1982

Threat actors abused lack of MFA, OAuth in spam campaign

Microsoft threat researchers have reported on a series of cyber attacks in which enterprises with lax IAM policies had their systems hijacked to conduct spam email campaigns

Change at the top at Content+Cloud

Fresh CEO comes in as former incumbent heads to a role at parent company with brief to look for further growth across Europe

Workday creates universal skills translator

As employers move from degree-based to skills-based hiring, Workday says employers need a way to translate skills from vendor to vendor. Its new tool is billed to do just that.

Malicious NPM package discovered in supply chain attack

Threat actors are circulating a look-alike version of the Material Tailwind NPM package to infect developers for supply chain malware attacks, according to ReversingLabs.

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