TechTarget News - Week of Mar 26, 2023

France latest to ban TikTok on government devices

Following bans in the UK and US, France has moved to enact restrictions on TikTok, and other social media apps, on government devices

CBI launches campaign to boost UK tech unicorns

The CBI has launched a campaign to transform the UK’s technology unicorns into decacorns valued at $10bn, with specific policy recommendation due to be published later in 2023

Lords AI weapons committee holds first evidence session

In first evidence session of Lords AI weapons committee, expert witnesses unpack claims that artificial intelligence in weapon systems will help military organisations to improve their compliance with international humanitarian law

Brent hails open access era for West London telecoms

Leading telecoms infrastructure provider announces long-term agreement with London council as part of bid to ensure improvements in mobile coverage and capacity across the borough

Amazon Chime SDK gets new tools for call analytics insights

The communications service's new call analytics tool set enables users to conduct voice tone analysis to track customer sentiment and send the data to their preferred data lake.

IT services M&A slows, but could revive in 2H

M&A rebounded after the initial shock of COVID-19, but the pace has slackened amid economic uncertainty. The deals getting done reflect interest in specific skill sets.

Canva steps up design game with new AI-powered design tools

The platform provides accessible tools for small businesses that need design help. Canva is also escalating its technology to compete against bigger design platforms such as Adobe.

Zoom to boost Zoom IQ with generative AI-backed capabilities

The videoconferencing platform's new Open AI-backed tool will provide email writing suggestions. More updated tools include a chat composer and meeting summarizer.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore dies

Moore was instrumental in the pace of development in the tech industry

Zoom announces AI-based collaboration smart companion

Conferencing and communications company uses OpenAI technologies to offer what it claims will be a unique federated approach to artificial intelligence based on flexibility

Barclays makes further cut to branch network

Barclays cuts another 14 branches from its network as it continues to see a migration to digital banking channels

Europol warns cops to prep for malicious AI abuse

In a report looking at how large language models can be used by criminals, Europol’s Innovation Lab calls on law enforcement agencies to prepare themselves for wide-ranging impacts on their work

Cisco updates Webex and RoomOS for better video views

The digital communications vendor injects virtual conferencing tech with higher-resolution video, enhanced user detection and AI-backed chat summary features.

AI vendor Cerebras releases 7 open source LLMs

The hardware/software vendor diverges from tech giants such as Google, Meta and Microsoft partner OpenAI by making models available to both researchers and for-profit enterprises.

Apple security updates fix 33 iPhone vulnerabilities

A larger-than-usual update to Apple’s mobile operating system fixes more than 30 distinct vulnerabilities, including two serious issues that may potentially affect device kernels

Cisco enhances hybrid work with AI Webex innovations

Comms tech giant makes AI-powered enhancements to collaboration offering, encompassing devices and customer experience to deliver more personalised and inclusive experiences with camera intelligence

Alan Turing Institute unveils strategy to support UK AI

The strategy is built around helping the UK government realise its artificial intelligence ambitions, and focuses on areas where the UK can play a transformative role in shaping AI development

IBM Storage launched with backup appliance plan

Prosaically named brand will replace Spectrum products, while IBM rationalises offer for AI/ML, hybrid cloud and malware, which it sees as the backdrop to contemporary IT

Microsoft launches AI-powered Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI assistant for infosec professionals that combines OpenAI's GPT-4 technology with the software giant's own cybersecurity-trained model.

Microsoft updates Teams for faster online collaboration

The tech giant's popular collaboration platform gets new features including enabled multi-tenant accounts, QR code sign-in for hot desking and interoperability with Cisco devices.

Faroese Telecom, Ericsson set European 5G mmWave downlink speed record

Telco serving self-governing North Atlantic Ocean archipelago reveals details of 5G mmWave text aggregating 800MHz of 5G mmWave spectrum in n258 and 40 MHz of 4G FDD spectrum to achieve downlink speed of 5.9Gbps and upload speed of 1.6Gbps

How organisations can weaponise data privacy

Organisations should turn data privacy into a competitive advantage and look beyond regulatory compliance to build a privacy programme that aligns with business targets, says Gartner

Lloyds Bank looking for fintech partners

Lloyds Banking Group wants to partner startups in the financial services sector in its latest fintech and insurtech programme

New North Korean APT launders crypto to fund spying programmes

Mandiant has attributed an ongoing campaign of malicious activity to a newly designated APT that is engaged in the acquisition and laundering of cryptocurrency to fund the regime’s espionage activities

SIOS looks to boost SAP HANA automated replication

New capabilities for LifeKeeper for Linux enables additional nodes for multitarget replication for high availability of SAP HANA databases both on premises and in the cloud.

IT system issues hit RM numbers

Rolling out a fresh system caused problems for RM, but executives stress that the educational specialist remains in a strong position

Google unveils new Looker tool, BigQuery pricing models

The tech giant revealed a standalone tool that opens up its analytics platform's semantic layer to users of any BI vendor and introduced usage-based pricing options for BigQuery.

BT Wholesale arms channel with mobile SIMs

Telecoms service provider concludes trial and makes its Complete Mobile offering available to wider partner community

UK government publishes AI whitepaper

Artificial intelligence whitepaper outlines UK government’s proposals to regulate the technology, which are based around creating an agile, “pro-innovation” framework

MinIO airs Weka licensing complaint

MinIO launched a blog battle with Weka on its use of the former's object store, with both claiming to be in the right.

Comcast subsidiary survives March Madness with AIOps

AIOps alert reduction brought order to a chaotic environment at TV advertising specialist FreeWheel just in time for a big test of its resiliency during a wild NCAA tournament.

ChatGPT makes gains in HR, one beta at a time

HR vendors are cautiously adopting ChatGPT to summarize text and create job descriptions, but concerns about bias and inaccuracy limit its use -- for now.

Naver Cloud teams up with Korean tourism body

The South Korean hyperscaler has teamed up with the Korea Tourism Organisation to improve visitor experience using its cloud capabilities

Reactive approach to cyber procurement risks damaging businesses

Too many organisations are following a reactive approach to cyber security, which WithSecure believes is stifling security teams ability to demonstrate value and align with business outcomes

Azure Pipelines vulnerability spotlights supply chain threats

Legit Security researchers discovered a remote code execution flaw within Microsoft's Azure DevOps platform that could give threat actors complete control of development pipelines.

Babble makes it five acquisitions in Q1

The cloud and comms specialist has struck its fourth and fifth deals of the year so far as it continues to shore up its market position

MSPs looking to exploit automation

Kaseya benchmark report into the managed services landscape reveals a desire to improve efficiencies and streamline systems

The call for an AI pause points to a major concern

The call to stop creating LLMs for six months comes as AI systems become more powerful and are moving too fast. There's a need to address data and privacy concerns.

3CX desktop app compromised, abused in supply chain attack

3CX customers noticed that several threat detection platforms began flagging and blocking the UC vendor's desktop application last week due to malicious activity in the executable.

Domo adds low-code, 'pro-code' tools to analytics suite

The vendor launched 10 new features in concert with its user conference, ranging from low-code tools that simplify analyzing data to 'pro-code' ones aimed at data scientists.

Toshiba's $15B buyout won't affect storage businesses

The acquisition, pending shareholder approval, would take Toshiba private, a move experts say could help stabilize the company, which has been searching for a path forward.

IT pros face hybrid work technology challenges

Enterprises need specialized video conferencing equipment for office spaces that are usually empty to accommodate both in-office and remote participants during meetings.

RDK, Telenet up the ante on Wi-Fi management and performance

Boost to wireless comms as operator introduces smart Wi-Fi 6 pods and mesh technology combined with the latest modem, while technology consortium launches software component designed to unify residential Wi-Fi software

A chance to promote the need for backup

The arrival of World Backup Day should enable the channel to give customers a nudge over their approach to data management

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