AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub is a service that monitors the progress of application migrations to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

The service enables a user to collect and view data from on-premises resources, including servers, and group them into applications. Then, the service provides a console to track the migration progress of those applications into AWS.

AWS Migration Hub supports and integrates with native migration tools, such as AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS) and AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS), as well as several partner tools to provide accurate data.

Start a migration

To get started, AWS Migration Hub prompts a user to perform discovery on local resources or to start a migration without the discovery process. If a user chooses to bypass the discovery process and migrate immediately, all application and database servers will appear as resources in Migration Hub, as the migration takes place. On the other hand, if a user does perform discovery, the service presents two data collection options: agent-based discovery via AWS Application Discovery Service (AWS ADS) or agentless discovery, which is recommended for VMware users.

AWS Migration Hub dashboard
A user can get started with AWS Migration Hub at the dashboard.

Once AWS ADS collects data, it stores it in a repository, which AWS Migration Hub accesses. The service then relays that data to the user, who can examine technical specifications along with other performance information.

Whichever discovery option a user chooses, he must populate a servers list before grouping servers into an application. After it populates, the user selects the resources to group into an application. All AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) users within the same account can view each other's applications.

Track a migration

AWS Migration Hub displays the migration status of applications in its console. Each migrating resource shows its status within a diagram and a table. Possible status levels include: In progress / replication starting, In progress / replication complete and Completed / AMI created. Once migration is finished, AWS Migration Hub will also display data on the newly created resources.

AWS Migration Hub only tracks resources that are in an ADS repository and are migrated with supported tools. Nonsupported tools will not report resource statuses back to AWS Migration Hub.

AWS Migration Hub is free to use, but costs for discovery and migration tools will apply.

This was last updated in May 2018

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