Customer data you should collect for your customer analytics program

Every piece of customer data you can collect is potentially important to your customer analytics program, according to customer data analytics expert Richard Snow. Find out why.

When we’re collecting customer data via interactions, what is the most important type of data that we should make sure we get for use in our customer analytics program? Geographic? Attitudinal? Other?

What customer data is important? Basically, everything. The attributes of a customer are critical for a range of analytic purposes. These attributes should include demographic data, products purchased, financial records (invoices, payments, etc.)  and all customer interactions – for example, calls to the contact center, visits to your website and to retail stores or branch offices, letters, surveys, emails, text messages, social media posts and service calls. Amassing that is no easy task, though; the storage and management of the varying types of data related to a customer can be quite challenging and must be considered in the context of an organization’s customer information management needs and resources.

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