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October 2018, Vol. 6, No. 5

Augmented analytics, automated tools facilitate data analysis

Augmented analytics sounds futuristic -- and BI and advanced analytics vendors are increasingly moving to make it a here-and-now reality, along with automated machine learning, search-based querying and other technologies that have a common goal to simplify and streamline the analytics process for users. In particular, augmented analytics and its cohorts are designed to make it easier for business users and the growing population of so-called citizen data scientists -- business analysts and other workers who lack formal data science training but are building predictive models themselves -- to drill down into data sets and gain valuable insights from BI and analytics applications. These emerging technologies do arrive at the same point, but they come at it from different directions. Augmented analytics -- or augmented intelligence, as some vendors characterize it -- embeds machine learning algorithms and other advanced analytics functionality into BI tools to point users toward relevant data, help them prepare it for analysis and...

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