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October 2018, Vol. 6, No. 5

Augmented analytics reveals the hidden side of things

A reasonable person could assume that healthcare costs are higher for the chronically ill than for the typical adolescent, and the best way to lower costs is to first examine all aspects of care for those suffering from illnesses. But this type of assumption -- the kind that ignores hidden factors -- can lead companies down the wrong path. One U.S. health insurance company encountered this situation while examining the of cost care using Salesforce's AI-infused analytics tool, Einstein Discovery. The insurer's CFO had always tracked cost metrics based on the sickness of patients -- the sicker the person, the costlier the care in terms of staff, equipment and other factors. The company decided to use augmented analytics to see if they were overlooking anything. Big data was ingested and fed to algorithms and models running in parallel to explore all the possible combinations and permutations of factors driving costs, explained Gartner analyst Rita Sallam, who led a recent webinar on the ways augmented analytics is transforming BI...

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