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Data science quiz: Test your knowledge

Interested in becoming a data scientist? This short quiz will test what you know about the data science process, required skills and how data scientists do their jobs.

Finding valuable insights hidden in your organization's data requires deep analysis. That's where data science comes in. It applies advanced analytics tools and techniques, underpinned by scientific principles, to help drive business decisions and strategies.

An effective data science strategy enables an organization to make the most of its available data assets to optimize business processes, boost revenue and gain a competitive edge on business rivals. That's accomplished through a combination of machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analysis and other disciplines that are designed to identify patterns, trends and relationships in large data sets. It also depends on having capable data scientists to do the analytics work.

However, creating a successful data science program isn't easy. In addition to having the required technical skills and analytics expertise, data science teams must be able to collaborate with business units to do informative and relevant analysis work and then to communicate their findings.

Take this data science quiz to see what you know about how the process works, the skills that data scientists need and the tools and techniques they use.

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