A new take on building CIO community

We’re always trying to consider what’s on the minds of CIOs today. We write tips and news articles about it. We interview CIOs and profile them. But much of that commentary happens in a controlled environment and one-on-one with a writer or editor.

The SearchCIO360 dinner event changed all that. New to TechTarget, this event brought together 15 CIOs from the Boston area and beyond. They met late last month at a local restaurant near our offices in Newton, Mass.

During dinner we had CIOs from large corporations in spirited debate with CIOs from midsize corporations about such subjects as business-technology convergence, cloud computing, IT consumerization and the future of the CIO as a career. One CIO from a midsize business defended his company’s BYOD policy, while the CIO of a large, multinational financial company said, “I love the iPad, but I can’t allow it in my company because I can’t secure it.”

Most importantly, this event was an opportunity for CIOs from companies of different sizes and from diverse industries to meet and share contact information, which they all did.

Look for more SearchCIO360 events next year in your area. These events are for you, the senior IT executive, so if you want to be part of a new and growing senior IT professional community, we encourage you to join in.

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