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Around the blogs: Release date of Windows 8 and losing talent

We’ve scoured the Web and compiled a crib sheet for the best and most interesting tidbits from around the IT blogosphere last week, including thoughts on the release date of Windows 8, the risks to info security when companies lost IT talent and how to make sure that you stay connected when the power goes out. Here’s what you might have missed:

  • Editorial Director Scot Petersen wonders if we should care about the impending release date of Windows 8.
  • A whopping 40% of IT security workers have admitted that they could hold their employers hostage even after they’d left for other employment, according to a recent survey conducted by Infosecurity Europe 2011.
  • Twitter is losing CTO Greg Pass, according to a recent tweet from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Meanwhile, in other social media news, Mark Zuckerburg plans to only eat what he kills. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t go viral.
  • Amazon would have done well to test its load sharing before the public failure of a huge cloud services promotion last week. CIOs can avoid Sony’s bad example by taking a page from Netflix’s “Chaos Monkey” and randomly hiring outsiders to hack into your systems, suggests Infoboom blogger Bob Warfield.
  • Along with the release date of Windows 8, CIOs also need to consider virtualization licensing risks when thinking about cloud security, warns TotalCIO blogger Christina Torode.
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