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Why CIOs must embrace social media users

We scour the Web to give you the latest news from around the blogosphere. This week, we’re looking at the very first computer animation, the formula behind the very successful Malcolm Gladwell books, and why it’s essential that CIOs embrace social media users.

Public sector CIOs need to use Facebook and Twitter because they serve social media users, according to CIO Barry Condry.

The world’s first computer animation was programmed in Fortran almost 50 years ago.

Still clinging to that old 2G Motorola Razr phone? Time to upgrade. AT&T is planning to shut down the 2G network by 2017.

Curiosity, the NASA Mars science lab, has touched down on the red planet last night. Already there are fresh high res images of the Martian landscape. Fascinating!

As expected, post-IPO Facebook is experiencing massive braindrain with many of its movers and shakers cutting and running. More alarming is the news that insiders are ditching their Facebook stock.

Have you read any of the Malcolm Gladwell books on business success? If so, you may enjoy Zach Weinersmith’s tips on how to write Malcolm Gladwell books yourself.

Last month, Phil Simon wrote about the green facets of 3D printing. Now take a look at the human element — this 3D printer gave a disabled girl magic arms.

The CIO need to be the “cheerleader” of the community, according to the city of Seattle’s social CTO Bill Schrier.

Part of the social media users’ strategy is to become more visible, something this blogger feels CIOs struggle to accomplish within the organization.

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