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Google unveils app streaming; business lessons from blackjack

Google’s new app-streaming feature is taking deep linking even further, seeking to improve the mobile experience of users reluctant to download apps. But what does it mean for developers? In this week’s Searchlight, Site Editor Fran Sales discusses Google’s deep-linking experiments and gets analysts’ takes on their enterprise impact. Also in Searchlight: The Paris attacks re-ignite device encryption debates, and Oxford Dictionaries named its Word of the Year — but it’s not a word.

Follow the data, says Jeff Ma, author and former member of the infamous MIT blackjack team that used math and card counting to win big. He used data-driven decisions to win in blackjack, but those data-driven decisions are also key to business success, according to Ma. Read about his experiences with data and get advice on how to use data to succeed in the most recent Data Mill column.

Over on the IT Compliance Advisor blog, Diane K. Carlisle — executive director of content at ARMA International — explains how new technology is driving digital information governance and runs down steps for planning an IoT initiative.

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