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Technology conferences can still deliver for IT pros

I attended the “last” Comdex show — the last great one, that is — in the year 2000, right before 9/11 and the dot-com bust turned it into a shell of its former self, along with a lot of other technology conferences.

At the time, many people thought virtual conferences would replace the in-person conference. Virtual has done well — will offer three virtual seminars this year — but it has not taken over. And, we’ll always have Vegas.

Tech shows are definitely slowing down. The resident giant, CES, saw two years of dwindling attendance before going back up this year. But traveling these days, you’d never know that there is still high unemployment and pockets of a sluggish economy all around the country. And there are still plenty of technology conferences out there for IT professionals to find out more about the latest products and get training and certifications.

So check out the new list of technology conferences on Site Editor Wendy Schuchart will provide updates as new ones get scheduled. We hope you find it useful.

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