Will the Apple iPad 3 release date ever get here? Do you care?

We’ve tracked down the hottest blog posts and the best tech news that’s fit for consumption. This week, we’re narrowing in on the Apple iPad 3 release date, the problem with the original iPhone on the new AT&T networks, the latest work of the hacker group Anonymous and the philosophical question of how all this technology changes our perception of loneliness.

If you have an original iPhone in NYC, you’re about to become very sad when you attempt to make a call on a 2G network.

Is technology making us lonely? Or is it alleviating loneliness when we’re alone? Perhaps it’s two sides of the very same coin.

Remember how everyone was upset last week when it was discovered that iPhone apps were stealing copies of your personal photos? Android apps are doing it too.

Is it the project manager’s job to fix companies? Elizabeth Harrin ponders the role of project managers in portfolio management and delivering cost efficiencies.

Rumor has it that Yahoo’s new CEO Scott Thompson is gearing up for some big layoffs at Yahoo over the coming months.

Is being targeted by hacker supergroup Anonymous ever a good thing? It is when it’s a wake-up call for companies like Sony and the latest to fall, geopolitical analysis firm Stratfor.

It’s time for another round of Apple iPad 3 release date rumors. Where is it? Is it en route? Is it on the way? Is it a unicorn? Frantic fan boys are imagining all kinds of Apple iPad 3 release date scenarios while they salivate over the next precious Apple deliverable.

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