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Facial recognition technology to be used by local law enforcement

Can local law enforcement utilize facial recognition technology against images now visible with the new Facebook privacy settings? That’s one question raised by this week’s Best of the Web, where we scour the blogosphere for the news that relevant to midmarket CIOs. This week, we’ve got the scoop on soon-to-be-announced iPad Mini, an attack at the world’s largest oil producer, the latest patent from the braintrust at Google and how successful CIOs start their day.

We all know that the iPhone is tough to work on but is the iPad 2 a bit too hefty? Apple’s next generation iPhone and the rumored iPad mini will debut this fall, starting at a mystery event on September 12, according to blogger John Paczkowski.

Facebook’s new streamlined design seems to be tricking users into exposing personal data unintentionally.

First it was vision with Google Glass — could Google Hands be next? The search engine giant patented a smart glove design last week.

What’s the first thing successful CIOs do in the morning? If you think that you should check your email, you might be doing it wrong.

Is The Oatmeal’s Michael Inman the next technology wunderkind? He’s singlehandedly defeated the “world’s silliest tech lawsuit” and now Inman has raised a million dollars for a Nikola Tesla museum in New York. Let’s hope he continues to use his powers for good.

The world’s largest oil producer Saudi Aramco got nailed by a cyber-attack that is putting its 30,000 workstations at risk of being completely wiped. One would hope that such a large enterprise has a brilliant disaster plan in place.

Will law enforcement agencies use their new facial recognition technology to access newly available Facebook photos?

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