Real Business Intelligence 2018

In a fully connected world, how do you determine what's meaningful or just noise?

Find answers at Real Business Intelligence 2018: A Future of Clarity, Purpose and Perspective - June 27th and 28th on the campus of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Here's what makes this event unique:

  • High impact: This is an exclusive event for senior-level professionals, with a carefully curated curriculum, focused on what you need to know. Leave with tools that help "move the needle.”
  • Immersive: More than a tech conference, an immersive educational experience in a world-class academic setting. An extraordinary, uniquely qualified faculty, a collection of experts you will not hear elsewhere.
  • Ahead of the trends: Explore the trends impacting information management, analytics and business intelligence strategies. Learn to think about the future and turn it into real strategic plans and specific actions.

Featured speakers include: Dr. Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of MIT's Leadership Center, Amy Webb, Author of The Signals Are Talking and Peter Schwartz, Author of The Art of The Long View.

Insightful case studies from Airbnb, Aldo Group, California State University, Shopify and Target Stores!

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