Multi-cloud backup and recovery best practices and offerings

Last updated:August 2019

Editor's note

As organizations move more data into multiple clouds, user concerns about data availability and safety continue to grow. In response, data protection vendors are offering products that can help organizations with their multi-cloud backup and recovery strategies.

And despite being in the early phases of the multi-cloud movement, experts have provided some good guidelines to users to help them implement this additional layer of protection.

This guide details multi-cloud backup and recovery best practices, presents potential pain points, discusses the vendors tackling the emerging platform and lists key terms related to the topic.

1Multi-cloud backup considerations

Backup is crucial when you have data in multiple clouds. The following articles drill into the pros and cons of the technology and give you the information you need to build your own multi-cloud data backup strategy.

2Expand your multi-cloud recovery knowledge

Backups are great, but they don't mean a lot if you can't recover that data effectively. Learn what you'll need in a multi-cloud disaster recovery plan and understand potential pain points.

3Explore multi-cloud data protection products

Backup, recovery and storage vendors are hitting the market with products that support the use of multiple clouds. Discover the capabilities of some of the top offerings.

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