Backup software product specifications

Backup and replication software are powerful tools used to protect data against loss due to hardware failure, natural disasters, and other problems. Features like encryption, key management, compression, data de-duplication, WAN support and content indexing are frequently found in enterprise backup products. The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross-section of enterprise-class backup software products.

  Backup software and replication software are powerful tools used to protect data against loss due to hardware failure, natural disasters, and other problems. Features like encryption, key management, compression, data de-duplication, WAN support and content indexing are frequently found in enterprise backup products. The product snapshots in this chapter highlight key specifications for a cross-section of enterprise-class backup software products. The following products were selected based on input from industry analysts and editors, and specifications are current as of November 2007.

The following specifications have been provided by vendors and are periodically updated. Vendors are welcome to submit their updates and new product specifications to [email protected].

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  • Asigra Inc.; Asigra Televaulting disk-to-disk (D2D) software
  • Atempo; Time Navigator
  • BakBone Software Inc.; NetVault Backup
  • BridgeHead Software; HT Backup
  • CA; BrightStor ARCserve Backup
  • CA; WANSync Data Replication / Data Recovery Software
  • CommVault; CommVault Galaxy Data Protection 7.0 for Enterprise Deployments
  • EMC Corp.; NetWorker
  • EMC Corp.; Retrospect 7.5
  • Hewlett-Packard Corp.; OpenView Storage Data Protector
  • IBM; Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
  • Signiant Inc.; Mobilize for Remote Data Protection software
  • Syncsort Inc.; Backup Express
  • Yosemite Technologies Inc.; Yosemite Backup

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      Product Snapshot #1

    Product: Asigra Inc.; Asigra Televaulting disk-to-disk (D2D) software 

    Maximum Backup Volume: 1 PB 
    Maximum Files: More than 1 Billion 
    File or Block Backup: Block backup after the first backup 
    Compression: Yes; data is compressed prior to transmission 
    Data Reduction: Yes; GSIS (global single instance storage) across all locations, only incremental changes to the block level after first backup transmitted 
    Security Features: Yes; multiple layers of authentication, registered ports with IANA, GUI communication encryption, password encryption, etc. 
    Encryption: Yes; select up to 256 AES is built into the software. Software is encrypted both in-flight and at-rest 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Yes; extensive reporting and logging, audit trails, notification via SNMP traps and MIB files, APIs 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes; designed for WAN backup 
    Content Indexing: Yes 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; open file backup built in 
    Agent Use: Agentless architecture; No agents on target machines to be protected 
    Backup Hardware Support: D2D backup requires disk storage repository, either DAS, SAN or NAS 
    Software Integration: Tivoli TSM, Symantec NetBackup, Legato NetWorker, others 
    Vendor Comment:  Asigra Televaulting is designed to solve backup pains resulting from tape backup problems at many (5 or more) remote/branch site locations. Asigra Televaulting is software that provides offsite disaster recovery for your remote branch offices into your data center. 
    Availability: Televaulting 6.2 with CDP available Sept. 12, 2006 
    Base Cost: Licensing starting at $11250. Licensing based on compressed capacity of vaulted data 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #2

    Product: Atempo; Time Navigator 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Unlimited 
    Maximum Files: No built-in limit on number of files. It depends on configuration, retention, etc. Overall limit on one catalog is 32 GB (represents 80-100 million instances), but we can create as many catalogs as needed. 
    File or Block Backup: File level backup. Synthetic full incremental possible. 
    Compression: Yes; LZO algorithm 
    Data Reduction: No 
    Security Features: Yes; digital signatures, hierarchical key management, audit trails, compliance templates, file encryption and decryption, and network encryption and decryption. 
    Encryption: Yes; file encryption and decryption, and network encryption and decryption 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Yes; Time Navigator Reporter automatically gathers data from single to multiple backup servers to offer statistics about backup and restore jobs. 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes 
    Content Indexing: No; we offer keyword indexing with our archiving module 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes 
    Agent Use: Yes; we use agents installed on the client to backup the data. We have agents for all major OSes, databases and applications including Windows, Linux, AIX, MAC, HP-UX, AS400, Exchange, MS SQL, and Oracle 
    Backup Hardware Support: Time Navigator is compatible with most hardware vendors (e.g., tape libraries, tape drives, and VTL) 
    Software Integration: Time Navigator can pilot snapshots from Netapp SnapVault and Snapshot, Microsoft VSS and Engenio 
    Vendor Comment: Time Navigator is a highly scalable data protection and archiving solution that supports Windows, Mac OS, Unix and Linux and offers comprehensive database and application support. 
    Availability: Time Navigator 4.1 available now. 
    Base Cost: $4600 for 1 server, 1 tape drive connection and 10 agents 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #3

    Product: BakBone Software Inc.; NetVault: Backup 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Can span multiple disk or tape target volumes to accommodate any size backup job 
    Maximum Files: No hard limit to the number of files in a single backup job. There is a limit on the size of a backup job index, currently 6 GB, which places an operational limit of approximately 100 million or more files in a single job. 
    File or Block Backup: File based backup for most operations. Physical block backups are used in the VaultDR disaster recovery backup plugin. 
    Compression: Optional compression algorithm that achieves an average 2:1 reduction in backup data. 
    Data Reduction: Supports "consolidate forever" backups 
    Security Features: Password-level security is used to authenticate individual users 
    Encryption: Optional encryption plugin that encrypts data on the server being protected before it is sent over the network and/or written to local tape devices. 
    Logging/Reporting Features: A log viewer can be used to filter log files by many attributes to help in problem resolutions. There is also a generalized report writer that allows authorized users to create custom reports from the available internal data sources. 
    WAN Backup Support: Can operate over extended networks using VPNs or Firewall pass-through mechanisms. 
    Content Indexing: No 
    Backup Files In Use: Provides open file backup protection on Windows and Netware Servers using an optional Open File Manager plugin or Microsoft VSS support for Windows Server 2003 or XP Professional. Standard file locking processes are used for UNIX and Linux file systems. 
    Agent Use: Yes; utilizes platform agents to provide local protection capabilities 
    Backup Hardware Support: A complete list of supported platforms can be found at: 
    Software Integration: A complete list of plugin agents can be found at: 
    Vendor Comment: NetVault: Backup provides enterprise-class data protection for complex heterogeneous IT environments, regardless of size. NetVault: Backup's flexible, modular architecture delivers proven reliability and high-performance, with an unmatched combination of features designed to meet current and future data protection needs, making NetVault: Backup solutions cost-effective to deploy and manage. 
    Availability: NetVault: Backup 8.0 is available now 
    Base Cost: Pricing is value-based with entry level packages starting at $895 for a small business data protection application. 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #4

    Product: BridgeHead Software; HT Backup 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Capable of backing up virtually unlimited amounts of data from primary storage to disk, tape, and optical devices. 
    Maximum Files: No limitations on the number of files that can be processed by HT Backup; constraints are only limited by the capacity of the receiving media. 
    File or Block Backup: Both file and block backup are supported. File backup includes creation of full file journals for easy point and click restoration of a particular file or path. 
    Compression: Yes; HT Backup provides internal compression and supports compression provided by device manufacturers. 
    Data Reduction: Allows for incremental backup where only files that have changed are backed up between full backups. The product also includes block-level replication for some environments where incremental replication updates can be performed. BridgeHead data reduction strategy uses the integrated HT FileStore product to archive and deduplicate fixed data, removing the bulk of data from routine backup processes. 
    Security Features: Security features are based on different site-defined levels of authority. 
    Encryption: HT Backup supports T10 SSC-3 encryption available on LTO-4 and other tape devices. It also supports the use of encryption appliances such as NeoScale and DIS Paranoia. Finally, HT FileStore -- BridgeHead's integrated file archiving product -- performs file-level encryption that can be used on HT Backup backup savesets when staged to disk. 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Comes with a full-blown report writer (HT Report) which provides canned reports and easy user definition of reports for monitoring all aspects of backup, restore success, events, resource utilization and media/device management. 
    WAN Backup Support: Distributed architecture allows centralized administration of distributed backups where backups can either occur at remote sites or where data can be brought back across the WAN to local devices. 
    Content Indexing: Provides a full file journaling capability. Its related file archiving product HT FileStore, provides full context indexing for granular file-level management of data migrated to less expensive secondary storage infrastructure. BridgeHead recommends that the file archiving product be used for selective access to data on secondary storage rather than backups. 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; HT Backup supports the MicroSoft VSS function within Windows and provides Open File Manager agents as alternative means to correctly backup files that are currently held open during the backup process. 
    Agent Use: Provides a variety of application-specific agents which use vendor-specified API's to request applications to correctly quiesce their data structures in preparation for a consistent point-in-time backup; examples of supported applications include Oracle, MS-SQL, MS-Exchange, SAP, Lotus Notes, MaxDB, PervasiveSQL. Also provides specialized split-image backup and replication agents for use with Windows VSS and select application such as the MEDITECH healthcare Information System. 
    Backup Hardware Support: Supports all disk and commonly used tape technologies for backup including: LTO, SDLT, AIT, etc. We use vendor-provided drivers for tape devices and conform to the SCSI4 spec for robotic control. 
    Software Integration: Part of BridgeHead's HT ISM Integrated Storage Management Platform which also includes file archiving, application archiving, enterprise media management and single enterprise console. 
    Vendor Comment: HT Backup is a true "enterprise storage management system," meaning it allows backup of ALL end-user data regardless of host platform, application, network topology and geographic location. HT Backup provides massive scalability through our 3-tier architecture and enterprise-wide distributed media and device management; this design involves separating and distributing the distinct functions of backup management, gathering and transferring data from individual servers and receiving streams and serving storage. 
    Availability: Currently available 
    Base Cost: Graduated licensing based on either number of servers whose data is to be backed up or on total backup data capacity. 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #5

    Product: CA; BrightStor ARCserve Backup 

    Maximum Backup Volume: No limitations on the size of the backup volume 
    Maximum Files: No limitations on the number of files it can backup in a volume 
    File or Block Backup: Supports both file-based and block-based backups 
    Compression: Supports hardware compression-enabled tape drives. Product can also compress data before writing it to tape drive, if a tape drive without compression support is being used. Offers the capability of compressing data on backup agent side before data is transferred over the network to the backup server -- this can reduce network traffic significantly. 
    Data Reduction: Certified to work with data reduction devices like ExaGrid 
    Security Features: Administrators have to authenticate themselves before performing any operation. Detailed logs of all activities are kept for auditing. All sensitive information stored as configuration or transferred over the network is encrypted. All data is automatically scanned for viruses before backup to ensure customers always have backup they can restore from. Backup tapes can be encrypted to protect information in case the tapes are misplaced. 
    Encryption: Allows customer to protect their sensitive information by allowing data being written to tapes to be encrypted. This is offered as part of the base product, at no extra costs. 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Many pre-configured reports are available out-of-the-box. New reports can be created by the customers using the custom report generation wizard. Detailed logs are generated, making it easy to resolve any problems in the environment as well as for auditing. 
    WAN Backup Support: Offers protection of systems across WAN using the XOsoft range of products. 
    Content Indexing: Minimal 
    Backup Files In Use: Can backup files in use by leveraging advanced open file technology. 
    Agent Use: Provides a large number of agents for protecting various types of operating systems (e.g., Windows, Linux, Unix, AS/400, Mac, FreeBSD) and applications (e.g., MS Exchange,. MS SQL, MS Sharepoint, Oracle, Lotus Notes) 
    Backup Hardware Support: Support many thousands of backup hardware. Detail can be found at 
    Software Integration: Large number of software solutions are integrated and tested with BrightStor ARCserve Backup. Some of the partners are listed at 
    Vendor Comment: BrightStor ARCserve Backup is CA's multi-award winning backup and recovery solution that ensures your business-critical data is always protected and accessible across all your platforms. It automatically encrypts and scans data for viruses prior to backup, at no extra cost, making it the most secure solution out of the box. It is easy to install and use and provides complete coverage from large enterprises to small businesses through a simple GUI and agent/option licensing. 
    Availability: BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.5 is currently available 
    Base Cost: $775 MSRP 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #6

    Product: CA; WANSync Data Replication/Data Recovery Software 

    Maximum Backup Volume: There is no maximum 
    Maximum Files: There is no maximum 
    File or Block Backup: Both block and file 
    Compression: Yes 
    Data Reduction: No 
    Security Features: Yes 
    Encryption: No 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Yes 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes 
    Content Indexing: No 
    Backup Files In Use: No 
    Agent Use: Yes 
    Backup Hardware Support: Hardware-agnostic; it supports all backup hardware 
    Software Integration: Integrates with any backup utility 
    Vendor Comment: WANSync is a data protection solution that uses asynchronous real-time replication to provide cost-effective disaster recovery capabilities for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft IIS webservers, file servers, and other applications on 32- and 64-bit Windows, AIX, Linux and Solaris servers. 
    Availability: Currently available 
    Base Cost: WANSync starts at $2,100 per server 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #7

    Product: CommVault Galaxy Data Protection 7.0 for Enterprise Deployments 

    Maximum Backup Volume: CommVault Galaxy software encapsulates data into chunk files which are stored to disk and tape. No maximum volume capacities are imposed by CommVault Galaxy software, volumes are limited to the maximum capacity of the underlying OS. 
    Maximum Files: CommVault Galaxy software uses a distributed catalog and index structure which imposed no scalability restrictions on the maximum number of protected files. 
    File or Block Backup: CommVault Galaxy software provides granular file level backup as well as image based "block-level" backup of file systems with the ability to perform individual file restores back to the original or alternate location. Application protection includes full database and/or log protection as well as granular protection of email and document data stored in applications such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint. 
    Compression: CommVault Galaxy software supports hardware-based compression as well as provides built-in software data compression as well as single instancing technology. 
    Data Reduction: Single Instance Store (SIS) eliminates space consumption caused by duplicate copies of files and attachments found in backups and archives stored to disk. SIS ensures that exact digital duplicates can be matched and eliminated across data sets, applications, clients and OS platforms maximizing compression benefits and saving disk space. 
    Security Features: A CommCell administrator can provide users with the exact granular capabilities they require to perform assigned tasks. A limited view of the backup environment can be configured to restrict the users view to servers and resources that they have permission to access. Microsoft Active Directory Authentication, Single Sign on, and Full audit trail reporting round out the very robust feature set. 
    Encryption: CommVault Galaxy software allows encrypting data both for transmission over non-secure networks and for storage on media. Data encryption supported includes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 128-bit cipher and 128- or 256-bit decryption keys. Other algorithms provided include Blowfish using an implementation designed specifically for speed on 32-bit machines, Serpent, Twofish and Triple -Data Encryption Standard (3DES). 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Point-and-click reporting verifies that backup jobs ran and were completed along with recovery job history, tape tracking and rotation, operator and administrator audit tracking and other key reports are available from the CommVault Unified Console. Reports can be saved, exported and attached to e-mail for easy distribution. In the same point-and-click interface, reports can be scheduled to be created and sent via e-mail without an administrator's assistance. Reporting which includes analysis of the use of primary storage (SRM) and secondary storage data copies, is also available as an easy add-on module. 
    WAN Backup Support: CommVault Galaxy software provides disk-to-disk backup over a WAN. Provides central management and protection of data using traditional backup cycles such as weekly full, incremental or differential backups as well as synthetic full backups if network bandwidth is an issue. Robust network throttling and operational windows allow traffic to increase during off-peak times. Optional replication and continuous data protection modules allow for remote office data to be continuously replicated to a central site for easy inclusion in daily backup routines. 
    Content Indexing: CommVault Content Indexing features FAST market-leading search engine capabilities, supporting 77 languages and 370 data types. Content Indexing applies to backup and archive copies of data, as well as to online Windows file systems data managed with the CommVault Data Classification Enabler. CommVault's unique implementation of FAST Content Indexing provides administrators with fine-tuned control of when content indexing is done on data, to avoid having to create and store more indexing meta-data than is needed -- and to ensure that only the meta-data that is really needed is ever created. Content indexing meta-data can be retired after its use, freeing up disk space for other purposes. CommVault's exclusive "on-demand" approach to Content Indexing is more efficient for legal discovery of all Electronically Stored Information (ESI), as well as end-user file system searching, and enables the Search web interface to unlock the value of managed data for business use. 
    Backup Files In Use: In addition to using Microsoft VSS support, CommVault QSnap/Open File Handler is an available software-based snapshot implementation that integrates with other CommVault Agents including iDataAgents for Galaxy Backup & Recovery. 
    Agent Use: CommVault relies on agent-based technology to backup and recovery a wide range of supported operating systems and applications. Deployment options include scripted silent install as push installation options. 
    Backup Hardware Support: Provides support for heterogeneous environments, including all disk-based hardware, virtual tape libraries, and virtually all library architectures. For a complete list of supported storage devices, visit the CommVault web site; 
    Software Integration: Application-aware and provides integrated application protection with a variety of third-party snapshots, replication, VTLs and applications. 
    Vendor Comment: CommVault Galaxy Backup and Recovery software delivers reliable data recovery with maximum cost-efficiencies. CommVault Galaxy software makes it easy to browse and find data, select as little or as much as is needed, and then recover it quickly and efficiently. CommVault Galaxy software is application-aware and self-managing, so that enterprise customers can spend time on something more productive than double-checking backup copies. 
    Availability: Currently available 
    Base Cost: Configuration dependent 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #8

    Product: EMC Corp,; NetWorker 

    Maximum Backup Volume: No limit imposed by backup software 
    Maximum Files: No limit imposed by backup software 
    File or Block Backup: Base product provides file-level backup/recovery. SnapImage Module add-on provides block-level backup/recovery 
    Compression: Yes; built-in compression 
    Data Reduction: Currently no data reduction such as single-instance storage, deduplication, delta block, etc. 
    Security Features: Leverages server/client authentication through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates and a trusted authentication daemon. Interface users are authenticated using the NetWorker Management Console user name and password. 
    Encryption: Yes; 256-bit AES encryption performed at the backup client. Data sent over the wire encrypted and stored encrypted on backup media. 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Built-in reporting for servers, clients and devices provides over 30 reports viewable via bar/plot/pie charts and graphs and tables with the option to export data for use. Advanced environment reporting and predictive analysis is available with EMC Backup Advisor add-on. 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes; standard NetWorker client supports backup/recover via WAN link to Server or Storage Node (media server). 
    Content Indexing: No 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; Open File Manager (Windows, NetWare), and VSS Open File options (Win2K3) enable open file backup, Application Modules, (SAP, Oracle, SQL, Exchange, etc.) provide open application protection. 
    Agent Use: Agent (client software) used on backup clients; no NetWorker agent required on NAS/NDMP clients 
    Backup Hardware Support: Supports wide-range of tape, virtual tape, optical, disk and infrastructure hardware from leading providers: 
    Software Integration: Integrated with a number of technologies for backup and replication including EMC solutions such as Symmetrix/TimeFinder, Celerra/SnapSure, CLARiiON/SnapView: 
    Vendor Comment: NetWorker helps customers achieve service levels for recovery through tiered protection. From a single backup and recovery application users can leverage backup to tape, backup to disk and replication management for the right recovery management mix aligned to the value of business data and applications. With its record-breaking performance, NetWorker is the ideal choice for both commercial and enterprise customers who are dealing with today's challenges to protect and recover a growing amount of data in complex environments. 
    Availability: NetWorker 7.3.x currently available 
    Base Cost: Starting at $1150 for Workgroup Edition 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #9

    Product: EMC Corp.; Retrospect 7.5 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Tested protecting volumes up to 6 TB, but there is no realistic size limit. 
    Maximum Files: The limitation in Retrospect is not as much the size of the volume as it is the number of files the volume has. This limit is around 4 million files. 
    File or Block Backup: Retrospect performs file and folder backup, not block-level backup. 
    Compression: Yes; Retrospect 7.5 helps reduce the size of backup data using software or hardware-assisted compression 
    Data Reduction: Yes; single-instance storage across all computers being protected 
    Security Features: Yes; offers the highest level of security for your backup media using U.S. government-certified 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption. 
    Encryption: Yes; enables users to encrypt backups on CD/DVDs, disk, or tapes using 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. Users can also prevent unauthorized access to backup data with proprietary SimpleCrypt(tm) or DES encryption. 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Yes; Retrospect ReportsWatcher continually generates a consolidated report across all backup servers and offers centralized reporting through the use of a standard Web browser. Users can view backup results from anywhere in the world. Detailed logging is also available throughout the product. 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes; Retrospect can move data over a WAN if sufficient bandwidth is available. 
    Content Indexing: No 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; Retrospect supports backing up open files on all NT-based Windows platforms. On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003-based operating system versions, Retrospect utilizes Microsoft's Volume Shadow-copy Services (VSS) for open file protection. 
    Agent Use: Yes; application agents for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server; client agents protect Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and NetWare computers on a network. 
    Backup Hardware Support: A comprehensive list of supported backup hardware can be found at: 
    Software Integration: Retrospect 7.5 can be monitored by the NetWorker 7.3 Management Console. 
    Vendor Comment: EMC Retrospect Multi Server Edition delivers powerful, easy-to-use data protection for small and medium-sized businesses. Installed on a Windows computer, it automatically adjusts backup operations to reliably protect servers, desktops, and notebooks running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, NetWare, and VMWare, plus constant applications. Retrospect provides best-in-class backup to disk, unparalleled restore accuracy, and AES encryption of backup media for regulatory compliance with HIPAA, California SB 1386, and the PCI Data Security Standard. Add-ons enable online protection for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, protection of open Windows files, user-initiated restores, advanced tape support, and disaster recovery. 
    Availability: Currently available 
    Base Cost: Retrospect Professional retails for $129. Retrospect Single Server, designed for the SMB market and supports add-ons to back up SQL, Exchange, and Open Files, retails for $699. Retrospect Small Business Server Premium for Microsoft SBS Premium retails for $749. 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #10

    Product: HP; OpenView Storage Data Protector 

    Maximum Backup Volume: No defined maximum 
    Maximum Files: Approx. maximum number of file names being managed in the IDB to be appox. 700 Mio on UNIX systems and 450 Mio on Windows systems. 
    File or Block Backup: File backup and raw device backup 
    Compression: Yes; software compression is done by the client CPU when reading data from a disk, reducing the data that is sent over the network. 
    Data Reduction: Yes; incorporates "synthetic full backups" which eliminate the need to run regular full backups by consolidating backups incrementally. 
    Security Features: Yes; through cells, Data Protector user accounts, Data Protector user groups, and Data Protector user rights 
    Encryption: Data encryption using AES 256-bit 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Web reporting and notification capabilities allow you to easily view the backup status, monitor active backup operations, and customize reports. Reports can be generated using the Data Protector GUI, or using other management tools with systems running UNIX or Windows, as well as using Java-based online generated web reports. You can schedule reports to be issued at a specific time or to be attached to a predefined set of events, such as the end of a backup session or a mount request. 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes; Data Protector can be configured to run across firewalls and to do reconnects in case of broken connections. 
    Content Indexing: Not provided 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; the principal methods are Online Backup, Windows 2003 VSS, Open File Backup, and Zero-Downtime Backup. 
    Agent Use: Yes; wide range of OS and application agents 
    Backup Hardware Support: For detailed information on Data Protector support matrices please visit: 
    Software Integration: For detailed information on Data Protector support matrices please visit: 
    Vendor Comment: HP OpenView Storage Data Protector automates high performance backup and recovery, from disk or tape, over unlimited distances, to ensure constant business continuity, and seamless integration with HP storage hardware and management solutions. Data Protector is both easy to deploy and use. It has a simple installation, automated routine tasks, and centralized licensing facility that reduces costs and data center complexity. 
    Availability: HP Data Protector 6.0 launched in Sept. 2006 
    Base Cost: Basic list pricing for a Windows Starter Pack, including support : $1,390. Pricing depends on customer environment and needs. 
    Detailed Specs URL: http:// 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #11

    Product: IBM; Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Version 5.3 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Unlimited 
    Maximum Files: Unlimited 
    File or Block Backup: Yes; file level backup and block level logical volume backup. Also, byte and block level backup with TSM Subfile Backup. 
    Compression: Yes; Liv-Zempel-Welch compression 
    Data Reduction: Yes; Progressive incremental backup, only changed and new files are backed up. Subfile backup, only changed bytes/blocks within a file are backed up. File compression (see above). Policy based file level expiration of all copies of backup data. 
    Security Features: Yes; client-server authentication and access controls for backup and restore tasks and adminstrative tasks, data in-flight and at-rest encryption. 
    Encryption: Yes; AES128 and DES56 data encryption with integrated and user encryption key management. 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Yes; TSM administration center health monitor. TSM server activity log with event logging, operational reporting, TSM client schedule and error logging. 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes; TCP/IP support 
    Content Indexing: No 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; Integrated open file support for Windows, Point-in-time copy integration with NDMP (IBM N series and Network Appliance), Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS), IBM FlashCopy (DS8000/DS6000, SAN Volume Controller) 
    Agent Use: Yes; client-server architecture 
    Backup Hardware Support: For Windows, UNIX, and Linux disk, tape, and optical backup device support see: 
    Software Integration: For TSM family integrations for backup see 
    Vendor Comment: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is an enterprise-level backup and recovery solution that provides centralized, automated data protection that can help reduce the risks associated with data loss while also helping to reduce complexity, manage costs and address compliance with regulatory data retention requirements. 
    Availability: Currently available 
    Base Cost: Starting at $345 per managed processor 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #12

    Product: Signiant Inc.; Mobilize for Remote Data Protection software 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Unlimited 
    Maximum Files: Unlimited 
    File or Block Backup: File 
    Compression: Yes (in transit over WAN) 
    Data Reduction: Yes (in transit over WAN) 
    Security Features: Yes; x.509 certificates, firewall tunneling, configurable user access rules 
    Encryption: Yes; 4 settings from none to 256-bit AES 
    Logging/Reporting Features: 3 levels of reporting detail, e-mail notifications, SNMP traps 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes 
    Content Indexing: No 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; in Windows environments 
    Agent Use: Yes (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac) 
    Backup Hardware Support: Any direct, NAS or SAN attached disk 
    Software Integration: Centralized data is stored in native file formats, enabling seamless integration into core data center applications and processes 
    Vendor Comment: Mobilize for Remote Data Protection (RDP) is a centrally-managed software solution for protecting data in remote and branch offices. Mobilize for RDP consolidates incremental-forever backups from remote office servers, easily scaling to support from five to more than 2,000 sites. Mobilize for RDP solves the entire remote data protection problem, consolidating backup and long-distance disaster recovery operations for heterogeneous IT environments without disrupting remote operations. 
    Availability: Version 6 is currently available 
    Base Cost: Commercial edition pricing starts at under $10,000, enterprise edition starts at under $75,000 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #13

    Product: Syncsort Inc.; Backup Express 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Limited only by available space on storage media 
    Maximum Files: No limit to number of files in a backup volume 
    File or Block Backup: File and block-level both supported. Supports block-level incrementals forever to secondary storage. 
    Compression: Yes; optional 
    Data Reduction: Yes; for block-level backup 
    Security Features: Yes; administrator can define authorized privileges 
    Encryption: Yes; transmission and storage encryption 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Detailed, versatile reports and logs for every job available through online job monitor 
    WAN Backup Support: Powerful remote site data protection via block-level backup capability 
    Content Indexing: Single catalog for entire enterprise enables restore at any level 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; supports open file backup 
    Agent Use: Yes; proprietary agents for block-level backup and backup of all major databases 
    Backup Hardware Support: Supports all major storage systems. For details, visit: 
    Software Integration: Broad platform support for SANs, clusters, NAS, NDMP, etc. Support clients on all major operating systems, including Novell. Master server runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux. For details, visit: 
    Vendor Comment: Backup Express is an enterprise data protection and disaster recovery solution with innovative technology, offering non-disruptive backup-to-disk agents for UNIX, Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare/Open Enterprise Server, and NAS environments. It provides a complete data protection solution that integrates heterogeneous snapshot, image, and rapid recovery options; supports any combination of UNIX, Windows, NetWare/Open Enterprise Server, Linux, and NDMP/NAS in a SAN; backs up all data directly across the Fibre Channel or iSCSI networks; dynamically shares all drives; includes best-in-industry clustered system backup technology; and controls an entire enterprise storage environment from a single catalog, with centralized management and advanced reporting. 
    Availability: Release 2.35 now available. Release 3.0 currently available, includes disk-based backup to Windows storage. 
    Base Cost: Price depends on configuration 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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      Product Snapshot #14

    Product: Yosemite Technologies Inc.; Yosemite Backup 

    Maximum Backup Volume: Theoretical limit is 100x the device capacity (not the media capacity). Thus a 4 TB capacity device would create a limit of 400 TB, and so on. 
    Maximum Files: Up to 50 million objects, up to 250 million instances 
    File or Block Backup: File (object-based) 
    Compression: Yes; software, OS or both 
    Data Reduction: No 
    Security Features: Password-protection, user access controls 
    Encryption: Yes, three levels of media encryption; hardware or software supported 
    Logging/Reporting Features: Yes 
    WAN Backup Support: Yes; recommended for robust connections only 
    Content Indexing: Yes; by metadata: file type, date, attribute, size, etc. Searching within files is not supported. 
    Backup Files In Use: Yes; Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare 
    Agent Use: Yes; Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint Services 
    Backup Hardware Support: Refer to: 
    Software Integration:  Open File Manager (St. Bernard), Microsoft Volume ShadowCopy Services, or any open file management product. 
    Vendor Comment: Yosemite Backup provides consistent, scalable and reliable data protection designed for small to medium businesses. The Wizard-based, cross-platform interface and native support for Windows, Linux, or Netware ensure quick and painless deployments. Features and support include: backup to disk, scalable self-healing catalog, self-tuning job management, modular architecture, bare metal disaster recovery, agents for SQL Server and MS Exchange, and broad device support. 
    Availability: Currently available 
    Base Cost: $374 (MSRP) Single Server; $811 (MSRP) Master Server 
    Detailed Specs URL: 
    Vendor URL: 

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    ** All prices shown are in US dollars (USD)
    ** Always discuss compatibility and interoperability with the vendor.


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