Server Buying Considerations 2024

Servers are critical to modern multicloud and hybrid cloud strategies. But purchase criteria are changing to meet the challenges of today’s era of digital and workplace transformation.

In 2024, IT decision makers are looking for servers that deliver exceptional performance to meet the needs of all applications, especially innovations in key use cases such as artificial intelligence and hybrid work. Buyers are also looking for servers that are best-of-breed in end-to-end security, quality, sustainability, and management efficiency.

More than that, IT teams are committed to buying servers from proven vendors they can trust to deliver on time and be responsive to their needs—whether for customization, validation, customer service, and deployment financing and flexibility.

The articles and resources in this special section focus on key server buying considerations for IT decision makers in 2024 and beyond, with an emphasis on innovations in server design, security, sustainability, automation, and financing flexibility from Dell Technologies and Intel®.

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