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Do you know how HPE GreenLake services work?

IT infrastructure hardware and services delivered through HPE GreenLake takes the cloud Opex spending model and brings it on premises. Test your GreenLake acumen with this quiz.

Consumption IT brings cloud-like pay-as-you go flexibility to enterprise hardware. With the HPE GreenLake services program, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has become a leader in this movement.

Along with the likes of Dell Technologies On Demand, Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, NetApp Keystone and Pure Storage Evergreen Storage Service, HPE GreenLake enables organizations to obtain IT infrastructure -- compute, storage, hyper-converged and composable infrastructure, etc. -- using a pay-as-you go model. So, instead of purchasing hardware outright, enterprises obtain hardware using a subscription, as-a-service, lease or pay-per-use paradigm.

With consumption IT, paying for hardware becomes an operational, instead of capital, expenditure, which greatly reduces upfront costs and is very attractive for many organizations. Also, because customers aren't buying hardware outright, they can be less concerned about purchasing compute and storage resources, for example, that they ended up not needing or using.

Pay-as-you-go IT isn't without challenges. For example, definitions for what constitutes pay-per-use vary, which can make comparing different vendor offerings difficult. Also, while users maintain control over workload resource allocation, as with traditional IT purchasing, the as-a-service hardware model places far more control over equipment, upgrades and security in the provider's hands.

How much do you know about the pay-as-you-go hardware concept, in general, and the HPE GreenLake services program, in particular? Find out by taking this quiz.

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