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How sharp is your hyper-converged edge computing acumen?

It isn't uncommon for hyper-convergence and the edge to intersect nowadays. How much do you know about why hyper-converged deployment at the network periphery is growing?

Hyper-converged infrastructure has found a home outside the central data center. It is now finding itself at the network periphery for edge computing purposes. Welcome to the hyper-converged edge.

The huge uptick in the number of devices organizations must manage at the network periphery has increased the profile of edge computing technologies in recent years. So much so, Gartner predicted the number of bigger enterprises adopting edge computing technologies will grow to 40% by mid-decade, up from 2017's mere 1% adoption rate. What is driving this exponential uptick is the need for enterprises to better manage all these edge devices, provision applications and process data at the network periphery.

Edge technologies enable organizations to process data where it is being generated, rather than transmitting that data to and from a central data center or cloud for processing. This not only reduces the traffic burden on the wider network, but also enables businesses to use all this data in a more timely and efficient manner. Highly manageable and compact hyper-converged edge computing appliances fit the bill nicely.

How much do you know about using hyper-converged systems for edge computing purposes?

With this quiz, test your knowledge of hyper-converged edge basics. Examine the benefits of edge computing, what's driving its adoption, and some of the implementation and management challenges enterprises face. Also, find out why many organizations today find in hyper-converged systems the answer to their edge computing needs, and explore which vendors offer hyper-converged products suitable to the task for both larger and smaller installations.

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