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Test your hyper-converged infrastructure use cases knowledge

Our quiz is all about how different workloads and applications require choosing different hardware and software options in a hyper-converged infrastructure platform.

Planning for specific hyper-converged infrastructure use cases requires knowing what applications and workloads the HCI platform will be tasked to perform. While it is possible to pick a general-purpose HCI system that can be applied to any application, even the vendors have systems that have been customized for specific uses.

The common early use for HCI was virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), as the resources in the HCI appliances could be delivered to remote virtual machines (VMs). But even that overarching use case has specific applications unique to a work environment that requires IT administrators to choose among the various options the vendors make available.

Other applications also require tuning. A database, for example, may require more storage per node than the vendor's baseline. In turn, a high-performance big data application may require even more storage and the I/O speed of all-flash storage.

Take our quiz, and test your knowledge on how best to customize your planned HCI platform for specific hyper-converged infrastructure use cases.

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