Buyer's Handbook: Investigate Hadoop distributions for your organization Article 1 of 4

Hadoop software distributions help manage big data

Companies of all sizes can use Apache Hadoop to manage the massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data generated by sources such as social media, IoT devices and mobile sensors. The Hadoop framework comprises several open source software components with a set of core modules that capture, process, manage and analyze big data.

Although developers can download Hadoop directly from the Apache website and build an environment on their own, the open source framework is limited. Organizations that need more features, maintenance and support are turning to commercial Hadoop software distributions to fill this gap.

Vendors bundle their enterprise Hadoop distributions with different levels of support, as well as enhanced commercial distributions. Because the software is open source, you don't purchase it as a product, but rather as an annual support subscription.

In this buyer's guide, we outline the ways commercial Hadoop distributions can benefit your organization as well as the features these offerings provide. We also analyze the top Hadoop offerings, examining key characteristics of each, including the deployment model, data protection, security and support. To help you further narrow your search, we provide in-depth descriptions of current leading options in the market.

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