RavenDB Cloud automates database management

RavenDB's managed cloud database service, RavenDB Cloud, intends to automate security processes, reduce overhead and cater to businesses of all sizes.

Database infrastructure vendor RavenDB launched a managed database service, RavenDB Cloud, for cloud hosting and management in one place.

RavenDB Cloud automates the database security services provided in its flagship offering RavenDB NoSQL database service to save time and reduce costs, such as infrastructure provisioning, database setup, providing high availability and ensuring backups.

RavenDB Cloud's database cluster also uses an assignment failover feature to provide fault tolerance with nodes across availability zones.

The cloud database management offering includes metrics for measuring indexes and aggregations to ensure cost-effectiveness at every level of operation. RavenDB Cloud runs on smaller machines than RavenDB, making it appropriate for top-level performance without expensive hardware.

RavenDB Cloud touts the following features and capabilities:

  • Reliability with high availability, automatic failover, data backups and X.509 authentication and authorization
  • Easy management with automatic instance setup, maintenance and upgrades
  • Flexibility to scale instances as a business grows
  • Global availability to deploy clusters in any AWS region

The vendor claims its built-in graphical user interface and simple API enables users to focus on building applications, rather than managing their database.

According to Gartner, the cloud is the future of database management and on-premises platforms are only advantageous for special requirements or legacy compatibility. Cloud database management systems accounted for 68% of the overall database management system market growth (18%) from 2017 to 2018 -- the market's best growth in over a decade.

RavenDB Cloud is currently available on AWS and Microsoft Azure throughout all regions, and it is expected to be available on Google Cloud in Q4. Three subscription tiers are offered: a free version for small projects, a development version for medium-sized businesses and a performance version for higher-end systems.

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