How to use GPOs to deny folder permissions

You can use a Group Policy Object (GPO) to deny folder permissions in Windows. Find out how to manage folder permissions with GPOs with this advice from Kevin Beaver.

How can I control folder permissions to prevent users from writing files on their combo drives? Can this be done with a Group Policy Object (GPO)? I want them to have read access only.

For Windows Explorer-based functions, you can deny some folder permissions by setting up a GPO. You can also modify local policies (via gpedit.msc) and enable the "Remove CD Burning features" policy under User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Explorer as shown in the following figure.

Use GPOs to deny write privileges

To deny write privileges for third-party applications, you're likely going to need a lock down tool such as those offered by Faronics and Fortres Grand or a host-based data leakage prevention tool such as those offered by ControlGuard and Verdasys.

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