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Two New Known Issues Already Resolved Sept 19

Seems like Microsoft updates its Known Issues list on Fridays, if the emerging pattern remains consistent. Today, two new known issues already resolved Sept 19 showed up. Both of these have garnered considerable chatter on the various Windows 10 forums and news publications. MS attributes both of them to KB4515384, which appeared on Patch Tuesday, September 10. Here’s a screencap of what’s reported today (Details for IME item, Start/Search item):

Looking at the resolution discussed for item 2, I find myself thinking “some resolutions are more equal than others” a la Animal Farm.
[Click image for full-sized view.]

True or False: Two New Known Issues Already Resolved Sept 19

I agree wholeheartedly that Item 1 (the IME fix) offers a genuine resolution. But I’m not so sure about Microsoft’s claim of resolution for the Search or Start issues that fall under Item 2. Here’s what passes for a resolution in this particular case:

Resolution: At this time, Microsoft has not found a Search or Start issue significantly impacting users originating from KB4515384. We will continue monitoring to ensure users have a high-quality experience when interacting with these areas. If you are currently having issues, we recommend you to take a moment to report it in via the Feedback Hub (Windows + F) then try the Windows 10 Troubleshoot settings (found in Settings). If you are having an issue with search, see Fix problems in Windows Search.

As I’ve been following reports on the Forums and in the news, the number of users reporting Search or Start issues is indeterminate, to be sure. But enough of them are reporting such problems that I’m not so sure that the number is necessarily small, either. Aside from a pointer to potential Search fixes, I see no resolution here. Shouldn’t this still be in “Investigating” status?

Darn! I’m still hoping that MS will maintain transparency and keep us all informed about problems and issues. I don’t like to see this kind of summary resolution, when the real situation is best summed up as “Some users are reporting problems with Search and the Start Menu. We can’t reproduce these problems, and haven’t found any significant issues in these areas.” Let’s see how this unfolds, shall we?

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