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10 Microsoft Ignite 2019 sessions for Windows admins

Windows OS admins attending Microsoft Ignite 2019 will have a variety of relevant sessions from which to choose. Consider these 10 sessions to get new management techniques and tips.

Aristotle once said, "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know." As a Windows OS admin, you probably already know a lot about how to deploy, manage and secure Windows desktops. But attending Microsoft Ignite 2019 will shed light on what you could learn more about.

Here are 10 sessions to consider attending at Microsoft Ignite 2019 that should ease your day-to-day management as a Windows admin.

"45 life hacks of the Windows OS in 45 minutes -- 2019 edition"

Chances are you live and breathe Windows, so any life hacks for the Windows OS will make your job easier. Sami Laiho, senior technical fellow at Adminize, is a professional OS expert who has worked with OS management since 1996. In this session, Laiho will present 45 tips about the Windows OS. This session was popular at last year's Ignite, so it will likely be a hit at Microsoft Ignite 2019.

"Modern Windows 10 and Office 365 deployment with Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Intune, and Configuration Manager"

It's not easy to deploy Windows 10 and Office 365, especially to larger organizations. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a variety of native tools, including Intune and Autopilot, to streamline the process. Learn about these tools and more to discover how to deploy Windows 10 and Office 365 more effectively, using strategies such as zero-touch enrollment.

"World café Windows 10: Ask, share, and discuss what's important for you"

Conferences aren't just for learning through session speakers; they're about learning from fellow attendees, too. This session will be divided into small groups to provide a networking opportunity to collaborate with other Windows admins. You'll learn how other admins deal with challenges related to their Windows deployments.

"Windows Autopilot: White glove pre-provisioning"

Windows Autopilot is a native Microsoft tool that helps with device provisioning and profile configuration. In this Microsoft Ignite 2019 session, learn -- and watch a live demo -- about the "white glove" preprovisioning service that can streamline the deployment process.

"The importance of Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams together"

It's no surprise Microsoft services play nicely together, but you should understand the integrations between Windows 10, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Loryan Strant of Strant Consulting, who has been a nine-year Microsoft MVP for Office 365, will explain the importance of deploying these services together to encourage increased productivity and faster adoption among end users.

"Make the Windows update experience smooth and seamless for your IT team and your end users"

Windows 10 updates have been a sticking point for many IT admins. In this session, Microsoft employees share tips to simplify the process. They will also share changes from Microsoft that can help address major complaints from customers, including a way to reduce the length of the update process and ways to fix update failures.

"What's new in Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager, including Desktop Analytics and Windows Autopilot"

If you're a Windows admin, there's a good chance you use Intune or Configuration Manager to manage your organization's devices. Keep updated on these native tools by attending this two-part series that delves into the roadmap of what's to come.

"Windows Autopilot: What's new, what’s coming, and tips for a smooth rollout"

Microsoft introduced Windows Autopilot in 2017, but it has already made a variety of updates to the service since then. Get up to date with those changes, along with best practices for using the tool. Get a sneak peek into the future roadmap of the service to stay ahead of the curve.

"How to manage Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for on-premises and cloud environments"

With the release of Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft announced IT can use the desktop-as-a-service offering to virtualize Windows 7 desktops with Extended Security Updates (ESUs) as a way to support legacy apps until January 2023. In this session, you can learn more about how to use ESUs and manage their subscriptions.

"Keeping the seas safe with modern devices and Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

In this session at Microsoft Ignite 2019, learn from Eric Clark, manager of end-user technology at American Bureau of Shipping, about his organization's Windows 10 migration. He'll talk about security best practices he learned while transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.

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