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8 VMworld 2018 sessions for EUC admins to attend

Put your plan in place now by exploring eight of the top sessions on Windows management, VDI and more at VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas.

If the 2009 film The Hangover taught audiences anything, it's that going to Las Vegas is a gamble. You can end up losing a tooth, being punched in the face by Mike Tyson or getting lost on a roof the night before your wedding.

This month, the real gamble in Las Vegas would be to miss out on some of the most useful VMworld 2018 sessions about end-user computing (EUC). The conference is primed to fill attendees in on how to use VMware Workspace One, what to expect from a Windows 10 migration and more.

Familiarize yourself with the eight must-see VMworld 2018 sessions so you can hit the ground running at VMware's annual conference.

Digital workspaces

"Customer Panel: Knocking Down the Barriers of Workspace One Adoption." The idea behind a digital workspace is to bring all the resources users work with into one central hub. The problem is, managing all the devices, applications and data that come with digital workspaces is no easy feat. Workspace One aims to ease that burden by allowing IT to manage users' workspaces in one place from the cloud or in an on-premises deployment.

In this session, attendees will hear from three Workspace One customers about how to approach a digital workspace project, including how to get started and what hurdles IT might encounter.

"Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to All Your Apps, Devices and Data." Users want to access their resources no matter where they are and what devices they are working with so they can stay productive. If IT cannot grant them this capability, users will not hesitate to find the tools to do so themselves.

Workspace One can eliminate this threat of shadow IT by granting users easy access to the apps and data they need without IT having to make major sacrifices in terms of control.

"How Your Peers are Really Doing in Their Digital Transformation." Round out the VMworld 2018 sessions on digital workspaces by taking a look at digital workspaces in general. This session includes insight from two organizations on how to approach the process, including how IT pros can set clear goals and make sure they're hitting them.

Also, find out about any common obstacles that can get in the way and where issues can pop up.

Managing the OS

"Customer Panel: Real World Conversations with Those Migrating to Windows 10." With Microsoft ending Windows 7 extended support in January 2020, organizations that have not already moved to Windows 10 must start the process.

An OS migration can be a major strain on IT and users alike. IT must wrestle with issues such as application and hardware compatibility, and users have to learn a new UI.

Any IT pros who are ready to move to Windows 10 or are already in the midst of a migration should consider this one of the most important VMworld 2018 sessions to attend. They will hear from a panel of VMware Workspace One and Horizon customers on how they approached their migrations and the aftermath of the move.

"Windows 10 Modern Management Transformation: Featuring DXC." Get another perspective on the transition to Windows 10 from the chief technologist at DXC Technology, an IT services partner that helps organizations with OS migrations.

Get a look at the state of VDI in 2018, including how to manage Windows apps.

The session will detail how DXC worked with Workspace One to help an organization with more than 60,000 endpoints migrate to Windows 10. It will also cover how that company changed its PC management approach to a cloud-based method that saved money and improved security.

"Real World Conversations with Customers Using Modern Management for macOS." Windows isn't the only game in town. Apple macOS is also present in many organizations.

In this session, Workspace One customers will detail how they modernized their macOS management and the effect it had on their organizations as a whole.

VDI details

"Customer Panel: What You Need to Know About Deploying VDI." The journey to VDI is complicated. IT pros must figure out what types of endpoints to use, which users are a good fit for the technology, what types of desktops to deploy and more.

IT workers can use VMworld 2018 sessions such as this one to get clarity on some of these decisions. Horizon customers will detail their path to VDI, including when to use persistent vs. nonpersistent desktops and what to look for in remote protocols.

"EUC Champions Panel: Everything You Were Afraid to Ask About VDI." Dive deeper into the ins and outs of VDI with this panel, which features multiple VDI customers. Attendees will get a look at the state of VDI in 2018, including how to manage Windows apps in a VDI deployment, comparing VDI and Remote Desktop Session Host, and where the cloud fits in.

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