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4 enterprise email clients to consider instead of Outlook


Zoho Mail client part of office productivity suite

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The Zoho Mail client is part of the Zoho Corp.'s Office Suite, a paid web-based suite. There is a free version, but it is missing many of the crucial features, such as IMAP and POP3 server integration.

If an organization transitions away from Microsoft Office to Zoho's suite, the Zoho Mail client provides many of the same benefits Outlook did for Microsoft Office, such as maintaining user account settings across the suite. The Zoho Mail client works like a social media platform with user tagging, an organization-wide directory, and file or folder sharing in a chat-like function.

IT can set user profiles to aggregate multiple email identities so users can keep up to date with work email and shared emails for job applicants or sales solicitations, for example. Users can set automatic response emails, thread-style email chain viewing and other standard features for enterprise email clients.

If IT adopts Zoho Mail it may be well served to also use the entire suite in place of Microsoft Office.

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