InterSystems HealthShare launches Provider Directory

The new Provider Directory in the InterSystems HealthShare system will consolidate all available information on providers and make it available to users.

InterSystems has released a new version of its HealthShare system that includes a new program, a name change and improvements to the clinical viewer, analytics and interoperability.

InterSystems HealthShare is a suite of connected health platforms that unites providers, patients and payers with a unified care record. The HealthShare Provider Directory is the newest product in the suite, and offers a single source of information for provider demographic and professional relationship information.

According to InterSystems, wrong telephone numbers or addresses, or choosing an out-of-network provider, can limit patient access to care and result of large medical bills. InterSystems' hope is to eliminate these possibilities with HealthShare Provider Directory.

Essentially, the Provider Directory is a data management program that automates the process of collecting, consolidating and publishing provider information. This would, according to InterSystems, enable users to comply with regulations. On the business end, it could enhance customer service and improve efficiency of business processes that require up-to-date and accurate provider information.

Additionally, InterSystems has renamed its flagship HealthShare product from HealthShare Information Exchange to HealthShare Unified Care Record. The Unified Care Record program creates a centralized data center that gives users access to a shared and unified care record.

The InterSystems HealthShare system also includes HealthShare Personal Community. This is a portal designed for patients. It uses the same care records that clinicians use, but with an interface for patients. It is comparable to the Ochin MyChart program, which is also a patient portal that allows users to access health records, make appointments and view test results.

Other programs within the system are Health Insight, Patient Index and Health Connect.

The new Provider Directory program is currently available.

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