Glassbeam healthcare analytics platform boosts productivity

Glassbeam Clinsights is a cloud-based platform for healthcare professionals to monitor machine health, diagnose part failures, optimize patient scheduling and more.

Glassbeam released Clinsights, a healthcare analytics platform for organizing high-volume and multistructured health data into one cloud-based suite.

Glassbeam, a medical-focused data analytics vendor, intends Clinsights to provide healthcare professionals, like clinical engineers, radiology technologists and C-suite executives, with comprehensive analytics and deep understanding of workflow and procedures to improve productivity, prepare applications for new use cases and reduce costs of operation.

Using AI and machine learning models, Clinsights gathers data from multiple sources -- such as machine logs, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine headers, Health Level 7 International messages, MRIs, CT (computerized tomography) scanners, patient monitors and infusion pumps -- and displays insights on a UI that end users can access from mobile devices and tablets.

With Glassbeam's healthcare analytics platform, medical professionals are able to:

  • view all machine warnings and alerts on one pane of glass to plan downtime and maintenance;
  • determine machine error patterns to proactively predict part failures and diagnose equipment before shutdowns;
  • view and analyze technician performance and determine training needs;
  • identify most frequent procedures to optimize appointment scheduling;
  • calculate utilization and uptime of individual systems;
  • track patient exams to avoid redundant studies and overdosing; and
  • understand trends in referral physicians' activities.

According to Glassbeam, all the capabilities brought with Clinsights come together to boost patient throughput, reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

Regarding healthcare industry trends, Gartner predicted that adoption of predictive analytics will increase within three to six months, and actionability of big data will increase within seven to 12 months. Glassbeam addresses both of these emerging trends with the introduction of its cloud-based health analytics platform.

Glassbeam Clinsights is available now and will showcase at the Assocation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Exchange 2019 on June 8 to 10.

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