Clearwave launches patient check-in tablet app

Patients can check in, make payments and input personal and demographic information via tablets with Clearwave Connect, the company's third patient check-in tool.

Clearwave Connect, a new application that allows patients to check in using a tablet, launched Jan. 22.

The app is one of three methods of patient check-in offered by Clearwave. The mobile app aims to make checking in faster and easier for both medical providers and patients.

"Our current solution is in two flavors. We have a mobile pre-check solution where a patient can do 99% of the check-in on their phone, and we have a kiosk check-in which resides in the physician office," said Mike Lamb, CEO of Clearwave. "What Clearwave Connect is, is a third option that basically relies on a tablet."

Clearwave Connect works on 9.7-inch tablets, operates in 13 languages, collects patient demographics and secures payment collection. "Specifically, what it enabled the patient to do is to quickly fill in the patient demographic information, their identity, their driver's license, insurance information," Lamb said.

Alex Lennox-Miller, a senior analyst at Chilmark Research, praised Clearwave's all-in-one approach to patient check-in. "The advantage of the Clearwave that they are debuting is that there is an all-in-one system, and there are fewer of those," Lennox-Miller said. "They are offering a much more integrated, pre-made solution that doesn't rely on buying a bunch of tablets, supporting them yourself and maintaining them yourself."

"The biggest problem we had [with tablets] was the fragility of the device and second of all, the cleaning," Lennox-Miller added. "Making sure they are sanitary. Sick people are holding them. You aren't just taking an iPad and plugging a Square into it."

Pricing information for the app was unavailable at press time. Some companies with similar patient check-in and management technology include Ochin's MyChart mobile app and LumaHealth's app.

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