CCHIT-certified EHR systems for meaningful use

This tip lists CCHIT-certified electronic health record systems. CCHIT is one of several groups that have received ONC approval to test and certify EHR software for meaningful use.

Under the meaningful use final rule, hospitals and other eligible health care providers must use a certified electronic health record system in order to qualify for the EHR Incentive Program initially outlined in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. These EHR systems must be certified by an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB), which in turn must be approved by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology, or CCHIT, was named an ONC-ATCB on Aug. 30 and announced its first certified EHR systems on Oct. 1. This tip, which will be updated periodically, lists CCHIT-certified hospital and eligible provider products that are capable of meeting Stage 1 meaningful use requirements. (Lists also are available for other recognized ONC-ATCBs -- the Drummond Group Inc., and coming soon, InfoGard Laboratories Inc.)

CCHIT-certified complete EHR systems for hospitals

Cerner Corp.: Powerchart, FirstNet, Cerner ProFile, HealthSentry, Cerner Healthe, Cerner Health Record, IQHealth and P2 Sentinel (Powered by Sensage) 2010.02.01, 2010.01.07 and 2007.19.12, and P2 Sentinel 4.2.1
CPSI (Computer Programs and Systems) Inc.: CPSI System 17 Hospital
Epic Systems Corp.: EpicCare Inpatient -- Core EMR, spring 2008 version and summer 2009 version
Health Care Systems Inc.: HCS eMR v4.0
Keane Inc. Healthcare Solutions Division: Optimum v3.1.0
Prognosis Health Information Systems Inc.: ChartAccess v4.0
Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.: INVISION EHR 2010, MedSeries4 EHR 2010 and Soarian EHR 2010

CCHIT-certified complete EHR systems for eligible providers

ABEL Medical Software Inc.: ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM, v11
Advanced Data Systems Corp.: Medics DocAssistant v5.2
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.: Allscripts Professional EHR, v9.2 and PeakPractice v5.5
Altos Solutions: OncoEMR 2.6
Aprima Medical Software Inc.: Aprima, 2011 version
athenahealth Inc.: athenaClinicals 10.12
Benchmark Systems: Benchmark Clinical v6.0
BioMedix Vascular Solutions: TRAKnet Practice Management Software 2.0
BizMatics Inc.: PrognoCIS v2.0
Cerner Corp.: Powerchart, Powerworks, Cerner Healthe, IQHealth, HealthSentry, Cerner Health Record and P2 Sentinel 2010.02.01, 2010.01.07 and 2007.19.12, and P2 Sentinel v4.2.1
Community Computer Service Inc.: MEDENT 19.5
Compulink Business Systems Inc.: Advantage/EHR v10
CureMD Corp.: CureMD EHR v10
Cyfluent Inc.: Cyfluent Chart 2.0
DocPatient Network Inc.: Doctations v2.0
E-Health Partners Inc.: EHRez 3.5
eClinicalWorks LLC: eClinicalWorks 8.0.48 and eClinicalWorks 9.0
eHealth Made Easy LLC: eHealth Made Easy 3.0
Epic Systems Corp.: EpicCare Ambulatory -- Core EMR, spring 2008 and summer 2009
Epic Systems Corp.: EpicCare InPatient -- Core EMR spring 2008 hospital and summer 2009 hospital
Eyefinity/OfficeMate: OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 10.0
GE Healthcare: Centricity Advance v10.1
GE Healthcare: Centricity Practice Solution 9.5
gloStream Inc.: gloEMR v6.0
Greenway Medical Technologies Inc.: PrimeSuite 2011
Intuitive Medical Software LLC: UroChartEHR v4.0
IO Practiceware Inc.: IO Practiceware 7.0
LeonardoMD Inc.: LeonardoMD Virtuoso 1.0
Medical Communication Systems Inc.: iPatientCare v10.8
Medical Informatics Engineering Inc.: WebChart EHR v5.1
Meditab Software Inc.: IMS v14.0
NeoDeck Holdings: NeoMed EHR v3.0
NexTech Systems Inc.: NexTech Practice 2011 v9.7
nextEMR LLC: nextEMR v1.5.0.0
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc.: NextGen Ambulatory EHR v5.6 SP 1
Nortec Software Inc.: Nortec EHR v7.0
Office Ally: EHR 24/7 3.6.0
PriMedx Solutions LLC: PriMedx EHR 10.8
Pulse Systems Inc.: 2011 Pulse Complete EHR
StreamlineMD LLC: StreamlineMD 10.8
SuccessEHS: SuccessEHS v6.0
SuiteMed LLC: Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) v14
TuRecord Corp.: TuRecord v2.3
Universal EMR Solutions LLC: Physician's Solution v5.0

CCHIT-certified EHR modules for hospitals

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.: Allscripts ED v6.3 SR 4
EDIMS LLC: EDIMS 2.6 Hospital
eHealth Made Easy LLC: eHealth Made Easy 3.0
PeriGen Inc.: PeriBirth v4.3.51
Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc.: INVISION EHR B2 2010, INVISION EHR B3 2010, INVISION EHR B4 2010, MedSeries4 EHR B2 2010, Soarian EHR B2 2010, Soarian EHR B3 2010
T-System Technologies Ltd.: T SystemEV v2.7
Wellsoft Corp.: Wellsoft EDIS v11

CCHIT-certified EHR modules for eligible providers

ACOM Health: RAPID 7.0
DrFirst: Rcopia MU 3.x
eHealth Made Easy LLC: eHealth Made Easy 3.0
First Insight Corp.: MaximEyes SQL Electronic Health Records
Health Innovation Technologies Inc.: RevolutionEHR 5.1.0
ICS Software Ltd.: SammyEHR v5.1.1
Ingenix: Ingenix CareTracker 7
Networking Technology Inc.: RxNT EHR 7.0
T-System Technologies Ltd.: T SystemEV v2.7
Vision Infonet Inc.: MDCare EMR v4.2
WellCentive Inc.: WellCentive Registry v2.0

Information taken from CCHIT's ONC-ATCB Certified 2011/2012 product page and accurate as of Dec. 3, 2010.

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