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May 19, 2020

ServiceNow Configuration Management Database

The IT challenge With so much of the modern enterprise powered by IT, visibility into IT infrastructure is mission critical. This sought-after visibility, however, is remarkably elusive. IT infrastructure continues to grow and become more complex, especially with the proliferation of hardware, software, appliances, virtual machines, cloud services, and mobile devices. This makes visibility into infrastructure a constantly moving target. For IT to gain visibility, it faces the challenge of consolidating, maintaining, and understanding complex data. IT must first consolidate disparate configuration item (CI) data into a single configuration management database (CMDB). considering unknown Cis, inconsistent data quality, and ill-defined relationships. IT must then regularly maintain this complex data for accuracy. Finally, IT must be able to make sense of this complex data to drive business decisions and services. In general, CMDB projects have a reputation for failed starts, lengthy implementations, and ongoing maintenance ...

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