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May 19, 2020

Your Golden Ticket: The Hidden Power of CMDB in IT Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation may not be a new practice in IT Services, however with the digitization of products and services it’s moved from the back room to front and center. Whether we’re creating or managing on the fly with microservices, serverless compute, or containerization and APIs, digital rules everything around us. From IT operations, service delivery and asset management to even the fundamental makeup of our company’s core products and services, it’s all gone—or going—to the cloud. With this comes a need to juggle legacy systems while transforming to what’s possible, and an even greater need for real-time visibility for monitoring security, compliance, software and hardware, end of life and compliance risks critical to infrastructure to keep today’s modern enterprise up and running—with all the added complexity that necessary change brings. Successful transformation begins with a solid digital foundation. And while the nature of IT transformation is complex, the starting point for embracing the digital revolution has ...

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