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May 19, 2020

A successful CMDB deployment in five essential steps

Having a healthy CMDB is key to a successful digital transformation, and there are five steps to deploying it. Join the first of our three-part series on maintaining your CMDB as a trusted source and learning the essential role it plays in your organization’s modernization. In Part One, you’ll learn how to master the CI identification process to handle multiple data sources feeding the CMDB and understand how to create identification rules with priority and related CIs. You’ll also learn: Why digital transformations fail and how a service-aware CMDB can help The five essential steps to deploying a CMDB successfully How AIOps helps prevent business service slowdowns and outages How to master the CI identification process Hosted by: Steve Emerson, advisory solution architect, IT Transformation Jason Miles, senior advisory solution architect, ITOM Lisa Wolfe, senior manager product marketing, ITOM

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