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Can you ace our DevOps quiz? Maybe, but beware SnackOps

Do you know the difference between BizDevOps and DevOps 2.0? How about HumanOps and HugOps? What about SnackOps? Time to test your DevOps methodology knowledge.

Rewind the clock to October 2009. Patrick DeBois is busy organizing what would become the first DevOpsDay. Agile had been around for a while, but this was something different. DeBois was mulling a different -- and more specific -- kind of collaboration between development and operations teams. But what should he call it?

The once and future godfather of DevOps kept it simple. Let's take the first three letters of each and mash them together. We're not going to have silos in our organization or our lexicon.

On his first DevOpsDay, DeBois could hardly predict that just less than a decade later everyone would claim they're doing DevOps, and he probably couldn't imagine the different DevOps methodologies -- or DevOps cousins -- branching from the original. And he probably couldn't imagine a DevOps quiz either.

DevOps is far from lonely out there on the conference floor. There are plenty of DevOps variants that cover all aspects of the software development lifecycle with a DevOps spin. Some might say there are too many to keep track of. How well do you know them? Take our DevOps quiz and find out.

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